Yamaha’s latest true wireless earbuds encourage safer listening

Yamaha’s latest true wireless earbuds encourage safer listening, As you must have heard the name Yamaha, Yamaha has expanded its range of truly wireless earbuds with the introduction of the brand new Yamaha’s wireless earbuds TW-E7B as well as their first sporty pair of TW-ES5A. Yamaha’s latest TW-E7B true wireless earbuds.

The wireless earbuds TW-E7B offers a trifecta of technologies. Like the wireless earbuds they came up with, the TW-E5B, and the E7B delivers the company’s True Sound and Listening Care technologies, but this time they also add active noise cancellation (ANC) to the mix.

Yamaha’s latest true wireless earbuds encourage safer listening

Yamaha’s latest tw-e7b true wireless earbuds
Sound Quality:

True Sound is what Yamaha calls the ability to combine acoustic and digital techniques to produce music “according to the artist’s intention”. Listening Care, meanwhile, balances hard-to-hear high and low frequencies during low-volume listening, so you don’t have to crank up the volume to hear these parts. In the long run, this will help preserve your hearing. And will provide better sound quality.

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The Yamaha Wireless Earbuds E7B has a more advanced form of hearing care than its predecessors, aptly called ‘hearing care – advanced’. This factors in the volume of content (such as the dynamic range of music and different recording levels) and background noise to optimize the sound at any given amount.

Yamaha’s latest tw-e7b true wireless earbuds
ANC Mode

Yamaha’s new True Sound Wireless Buds add ANC to the listening care party, with Yamaha claiming the noise cancellation is unparalleled thanks to the firm’s own algorithms. It analyzes the signal received from the internal mic and playback music signals.

It calculates and filters noise components so that the music signal is left behind without any EQ correction. (as it is with most ANCs). Yamaha’s latest TW-E7B true wireless earbuds.

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Driver Size

A 10mm driver is provided inside each Yamaha wireless earbud, while acoustic holes on the driver housing control the airflow, to maximize performance and deliver superior quality. To ensure a comfortable fit, the Yamaha Wireless Earbuds E7B comes in five ear-tip sizes,


The Yamaha E7B earbuds have an app-featured Listening Optimizer function that analyzes the shape of the inside of your ear and adjusts the sound to compensate.

Coll Quality

Qualcomm Clear Voice Capture (CVC) is onboard in an effort to bring through calls with nice and clear calls, and TrueWireless Mirroring enables independent transmission from music sources to each earbud for greater playback stability.

You can hear sounds like station announcements from your surroundings using the ambient sound mode, and the low latency gaming mode is perfect for playing games or watching videos.

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The earbuds detect when they’re removed from your ear, and automatically pause playback, then resume when they’re back on.

Yamaha’s latest tw-e7b true wireless earbuds
Battery Life

The Yamaha Wireless Ear Buds boast six hours of battery life, plus another 16 from the charging case – not class-leading, but not bad by any means.

Yamaha’s New True Sound Wireless Buds Add ANC to the Listening Care Party, As for the TW-ES5A, they come as Yamaha’s first entry into the active true wireless earbuds market, which has been dominated by the likes of JBL, Jabra, and Jaybird.

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Like their ‘standard’ siblings, they also sport the same True Sound, Ambient Sound, Qualcomm cVc, and Listening Care technologies. And in a body that boasts a water-resistant rating of IPX7, which means they’re as waterproof as they come.

They are also suitably durable in the battery department. The earbud battery lasts up to nine hours, while the charging case provides another 25 hours, making the total battery life a pretty impressive 34 hours on a single charge. Yamaha’s latest TW-E7B true wireless earbuds.

Yamaha’s latest tw-e7b true wireless earbuds
Prices and Availability

Yamaha’s latest true wireless earbuds are Both models will be available for purchase from July. The TW-E7B will be sold in black, beige, blue, or white for 279 euros (about R$1,431 in direct conversion).
While the TW-ES5A will cost €199 (~R$1,020) in Black, Pink, White, and Green color variants. or blue. The TW-ES5A will be available in July/August, starting at £149 (about $190, AU$260). Yamaha’s latest TW-E7B true wireless earbuds.

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Yamaha has also confirmed the imminent launch of the TW-E5B, a model that was shown in March. It also has features like Listening Care and aptX Adaptive and will retail for €149 (~R$764). This is Yamaha’s latest true wireless earbuds Coming on the market.

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