Wireless Earbuds for PC Gaming Setup: 5 Options to Consider!

Do you do gaming? Are you a gamer? Are you looking for the best wireless earbuds for your gaming? So we talk about the best wireless earbuds for pc gaming are becoming increasingly popular as people look for a convenient and portable option for listening to music, gaming, or taking calls but when with so many options available it can be overwhelming to choose the best one.

That’s why we’ve done the research and picked the top 5 Best wireless earbuds for pc gaming. Gaming earbuds are important for a number of reasons firstly they allow you to enjoy your gaming or take calls without the hassle of tangled wires.

This is especially useful when you’re on the go and don’t want to be weighed down by cables secondly, the best wireless earbuds for pc gaming are more comfortable to wear for kids for long periods of time without the need for cables, you can easily move your head or body without feeling restricted thirdly gaming earbuds offer a more immersive listening experience without the distraction of cables you can fully focus on the gaming or calls without any distribution.

The Best Wireless Earbuds for PC Gaming: 5 Models to Consider!

List of The Top 5 Best Wireless Earbuds for PC Gaming Below;

  1. Logitech G333 Earbuds
  2. Moon Drop Aria Earbuds
  3. SteelSeries TUSQ Earbuds
  4. Razer Hammerhead Earbuds
  5. EPOS GTW 270 Hybrid Truly Earbuds

Wireless Earbuds for PC Gaming: Listen to Your Music and Game Without Losing Connectivity!

01. Logitech G333 Earbuds

The best budget wireless earbuds for PC gaming that we’re tested are the Logitech G333 like the moon drop Aria these are wired earbuds so you don’t need to worry about latency and you may find they have better sound quality compared to buds that use Bluetooth they have a comfortable fit and feel sturdy since they’re intended for PC gaming.

Logitech G333 wireless earbuds for pc gaming

They have a few features that moon drop doesn’t like control to change the volume and a microphone the mic has a decent recording quality so your teammates will understand you during games but its noise handling isn’t good so your voice could be drowned out if you’re playing in a noisy area they have a very bass-heavy sound profile that adds a lot of punch and boom to the audio.

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It can help emphasize sound effects and action-packed games but can make other types of content like music or dialogue sound muddy or cluttered unfortunately they don’t have an app or sound customization features on the plus side they come with a USBC adapter for the 18-inch TRRS cable so you can use them with phones that don’t have an audio, Jack.

02. Moon Drop Aria Earbuds

Moon Drop Aria if you’re looking for something a bit more affordable check out the moon drop area they’re in-ear monitor items meaning that they’re designed with sound quality in mind however unlike the epos GTW 270 hybrid is truly wireless.

Moondrop Aria wireless earbuds for pc gaming

They’re wired headphones and don’t come with a mic although you can purchase a cable with an inline mic separately they’re fairly neutral sound profile is well suited for gaming and a touch of extra warmth helps emphasize sound effects without drawing out game dialogue.

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They lack sound customization features so you can adjust them to your liking these birds have a comfortable fit even though they’re heavy while they won’t block out traffic noise coming from an open window they do a solid job of cutting down ambient chatter which is handy if you game in a shared environment like most in ears they don’t leak much audio at high volume either so you can crank up the volume without bothering other around you.

03. SteelSeries TUSQ Earbuds

SteelSeries TUSQ if you’re looking for earbuds for pc gaming or online multiplayer games you might prefer a pair with a boom like the SteelSeries TUSQ these are another pair of wired headphones meaning they can provide a latency-free connection with PCS as well as Xbox and PlayStation consoles they stand out because, unlike most other earbuds.

SteelSeries TUSQ wireless earbuds for pc gaming

They have a detachable boom mic it sits closer to your mouth than an integrated or inline version and makes your voice sound clearer and more full body than the epos gtw270 hybrid truly wireless mic they have a very bass-heavy sound profile that adds intense thump punch and boom to your audio.

It can help make sound effects like footsteps and explosions seem more immersive but elements like voice and instruments may sound muddy unfortunately they lack sound customization features.

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They’re also best suited for quiet areas since they don’t isolate you from many sounds and the mic has mediocre noise handling.
If that is an issue the turtle beach battle bots have a boom mic that can separate your voice from ambient sound decently well so you can understand even with some noise in the background they have a very muddy profile and aren’t as well built through.

04. Razer Hammerhead Earbuds

The Razer Hammerhead true wireless if you tend to game on the go or your PC is set up in a noisy environment then you’ll want to consider the Razer Hammerhead true wireless 2021 which are the best wireless earbuds for gaming with ANC we’re tested unlike.

Razer Hammerhead wireless earbuds for pc gaming

The epos gtw270 hybrid is truly wireless these buds have a noise cancelling ANC system to help cut down ambient sound although these two headphones have similar noise isolation performance the Razer Hammerhead is better for tackling bass range sound like buds engine.

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If you’re looking for more unique features these buds also stand out from other picks on this list as they have RGB lighting that you can fine-tune using the Razer Hammerhead chroma app out of the box they have a very bass-heavy profile with extra and boom even though it can overwhelm dialogue and instruments the companion app offer a graphic EQ and presets so that you can customize their sound to suit your test.

If you’re worried about latency they also have a gaming mode setting that helps lower audio lag within acceptable levels ensuring your audio and visuals stay in sync unfortunately their 4.7 hours of continuous playback time is a bit short if you want to game throughout the but on the upside the carrying case supplies four additional charges.

05. EPOS GTW 270 Hybrid Truly Earbuds

The EPOS GTW 270 Hybrid Truly Wireless are the best earbuds for PC gaming that we’ve tested these wireless earbuds are very well built and have a comfortable fit suitable for long PC gaming sessions their base Rich sound profile can help bring out sound effects and action-packed games and can also be customized with a graphic EQ and presets in the headphone companion app.

EPOS GTW 270 Hybrid Truly wireless earbuds for pc gaming

They also support Dolby 7.1 virtual surround sound which can help make your game audio more immersive their intergrade mic makes your voice sound clear and natural although people may be trouble hearing you if you’re talking in a noisy environment they support APTX LL codec which ensures low latency with Bluetooth compatible PCS.

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They also have a USBC dumbbell that provides a fairly low latency connection with PlayStation consoles and PCs however users have reported connectivity issues using the dumbbell after updating to the latest firmware unfortunately this same firmware also lowered their original advertised battery life and measured just over three hours which is pretty short they’re carrying case supplies three extra charges and they have a 15-minute quick charge features that deliver up to one hour of playback time.


In this article we have told about the 5 best wireless earbuds for pc gaming, we hope you liked this article. After researching more than 100+ wireless earbuds, we have prepared this list of the best wireless earbuds for pc gaming, included in this article so that you can be given the best of the best knowledge, that too in the shortest possible time.

All the best wireless earbuds for pc gaming, are considered the best at their respective places, for music and bass you can buy them blindly, we can say with the claim that these wireless earbuds for PC will not disappoint you. If you were looking for the best wireless earbuds for pc gaming, we hope that your search is over, and now you will be able to easily buy the best wireless earbuds for pc gaming for yourself.

So that was a list of the 5 best wireless earbuds for pc gaming, which one do you think suits you the best for your exercise or outdoor workouts, So buy and let us know in the comments below.

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