Why are my OnePlus earbuds not charging? how to fix it!

Why are my OnePlus earbuds not charging? how to fix it! While listening to music or playing a game, your buds got sore? You plug in to charge, and it’s not charging! Why are my OnePlus earbuds not charging?

don’t worry! You can easily fix the charging problem without any extra tools or by visiting a repair shop.

Why are my OnePlus earbuds not charging? how to fix it!

Here are some solutions to your problem, OnePlus has delivered some valuable items over a long period of time.
Among them are the real remote headphone option, the OnePlus Buds, and the OnePlus Buds Z.
Both these earphones are great options, especially for OnePlus smartphone users. Still, these miniature earphones are not free from issues, and mostly they face charging and connectivity issues.

Be it OnePlus earbuds, Samsung Galaxy Buds, or even Apple AirPods,
Everyone has to face the charging problem while using them. But, these problems are usually software related and can be easily fixed.

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There are thousands of users who must be facing OnePlus Buds, and OnePlus Buds Z not charging as expected. Either the buds will not charge, or they will never reach 100 percent. Why are my OnePlus earbuds not charging?

There are a few things you can try on your part to fix this problem. like –

  • When your Buds aren’t charging, the first thing you should look for is its charging cable.
  • If the cable or connector is damaged, your Buds or Buds z will likely experience problems while charging.
  • When you are sure that the cable and connector are working properly, continue with the solutions described below.

How to fix the OnePlus Buds charging issue?

If you ever encounter charging problems with any wireless earbuds, follow these troubleshooting steps to fix them. Why are my OnePlus earbuds not charging?

Factory reset

  • Factory reset brings your wireless earbuds to their original stage and fixes all the minor glitches that you might be facing.
  • If your OnePlus earbuds won’t charge in the charging case, follow these steps to reset them:
  • Place both the right and left earbuds in the charging box. Do not close the lid.
  • Press and hold the setup button on the charging box. Hold it down for 10 seconds or more until you see a flashing red light.
  • Now release the button once you see the red drive light up.
  • The reset cycle is currently over, you can now take the cover off.
  • When you open the cover once again, it will go into a matching mode in the future.
  • You should unpair the buds from your cell phone or any other comparable gadget, and pair them to your device once again.
  • Try charging the Buds again after some time. Assuming you actually deal with a similar issue, you’ll need to consider redesigning the buds.

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Update firmware

When you have a OnePlus smartphone, updating the firmware of the earbuds is easy. It can also be updated by any Android smartphone.

Pair the buds with a OnePlus smartphone phone – Go to Bluetooth & Gadget Association and tap on Recently Connected Devices. Tap on the Oneplus Buds or Oneplus Buds Z setting symbol. Now switch on for Auto-updates.

Currently, if an OTG update is available for your Oneplus Buds, you should have the option to offer that update with just a single tap,
When your buds are looking ahead, you should take the chance to charge again. Maybe it will work this time.

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Why are my OnePlus earbuds not charging? In light of the incidents that as of now, your earbuds are still not charging even after following the steps mentioned above, you should now take them to the nearest OnePlus administration. Assuming they are under guarantee, you can actually get them replaced at no extra charge. And you can get rid of this problem. Why are my OnePlus earbuds not charging? how to fix it!

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