Best Waterproof Earbuds For Swimming 2022

Swimming exercises can be exhausting at times for you, especially when you are trying to achieve your desired base interval. To help you drill your next 60, and in addition to energy bars and drinks, swimmers often turn to another source to help them focus better: Best Waterproof Earbuds For Swimming 2022.
Like – Music.
With music you can easily go swimming, it will not be boring for you at all.

Fast-paced tracks and bass and catch lyrics are proven to improve physical performance. With today’s pace of innovation, models with “state-of-the-art” features are coming out left and right. It’s so hard how do you choose a pair of really good Best Swimming Waterproof Earbuds For Swimming (Headphones)? And it can also be quite challenging for you.

We have got for you the perfect buyer’s list for the Waterproof Earbuds For Swimming. What we are going to tell you below, you will be able to easily choose better Waterproof Earbuds For Swimming from here yourself.

Top 10 Best Waterproof Earbuds for Swimming in 2022

Best Waterproof Earbuds For Swimming 2022

  1. Zygo Solo Waterproof Earbuds
  2. AfterShokz Xtrainerz Waterproof Earbuds
  3. HydroActive Waterproof Earbuds
  4. Sony NWWS623/B Waterproof Earbuds
  5. SwimBuds Premium Waterproof Earbuds
  6. JBL Endurance Dive Waterproof Earbuds
  7. Sony NW-WS413LM Waterproof Earbuds
  8. Plantronics backbeat Waterproof Earbuds
  9. Swimbuds MP3 Audio Player Waterproof Earbuds
  10. Tayogo Waterproof Bone Conduction Headphones

The Top 10 Best Waterproof Earbuds for Swimming in 2022

01. Zygo Solo Best Waterproof Earbuds for Swimming 2022

Best Waterproof Earbuds For Swimming 2022
(Zygo Solo Best Waterproof Earbuds for Swimming)

These true wireless Bluetooth top our list because of their design (which doesn’t actually include anything in-ear), with unique streaming capabilities that don’t compromise on sound. Since Bluetooth can’t cut it underwater, and other swimming earbuds make you manually upload MP3s, this set comes with a transmitter (kind of like a walkie-talkie).

When kept poolside, it sends a radio frequency to your headset while you’re in the water, letting you easily stream music, podcasts, audiobooks, and workouts directly from your phone.

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Great for swimming or working out, these comfortable, durable pair get you up to three hours of playtime, and eight hours on the transmitter. The material makes it fully waterproof up to two feet below the service, which works well for impromptu swims as it does for longer practices.

The bone conduction open-ear design means you won’t have to fiddle with controls or messy wires, either. Earplugs and goggles will be more comfortable to wear since you won’t actually have anything in your ear.

The touch controls to play, pause, use volume, and switch track order seem convenient, but reviews say they can be a bit tricky to use when you actually get in the pool. But overall these earbuds are durable, outlasting even your longest lap session. Waterproof Earbuds For Swimming.

02. AfterShokz Xtrainerz Best Waterproof Earbuds

Best Waterproof Earbuds For Swimming 2022
(AfterShokz Xtrainerz Best Waterproof Earbuds)

The AfterShokz Xtrainerz waterproof headphones will take you to new listening depths with their never-seen-before cheekbone audio. Unlike other models, this one delivers the sound to your ears without actually being stuck in your ears. This means no ear pain or slippage from the ear since the headphones are comfortably secured behind your head and your ears.

The 4 GB of storage allows you to listen to a wide variety of tunes, while the 8 hours of playback provide you with enough time to cross-train in the water.

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The IP68 rating authorizes you to swim up to 2 hours at a depth reaching 2 meters or less, which is more than sufficient for a good training session. With these headphones in use, you can finally relax and not worry about them slipping off during your intense strokes in the water. Waterproof Earbuds For Swimming.

03. HydroActive Best Waterproof Earbuds for Swimming 2022

Best Waterproof Earbuds For Swimming 2022
(HydroActive Waterproof Earbuds)

Underwater Audio is back on the list with the HydroActive Short-Cord Headphones, a straightforward pair of swimming earbuds with everything you need from sculling, to heated practice sessions. Protection Chamber And Heavy-Duty Casing.

The waterproof earbuds feature a special “dry” chamber that keeps the water out in the event of ear flooding, keeping a barrier between water and electronics, without impairing playback. In addition to this, heavy-duty plastic is used on the casing, and a para-aramid synthetic fiber to reinforce wiring, resisting the effects of mineral/chemical leach and the wear brought on by underwater drag.

Ergonomic Design And Fit, The waterproof headphone’s banded design provides a snug and comfortable fit, while the unique funnel shape of the housing directs the soundwaves for a fuller sound. A short cord leading to a 3.5 mm jack ensures a no-hassle-wearing experience.

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Eartip Styles, The HydroActive Short-Cord Headphones sport four different styles, with three specially made for swimming: the Ergo tips, which fit on the outer ear, Tree tips that go deep with its triple flange, and Fin Tips, which are a hybrid between the two. With this wide variety of tips, you’re sure to find that sweet spot of a fit that stays taut even in the most sudden of turns.

Drawbacks, As the HydroActive Short-Cord Headphones are a standalone pair without a player, it requires a waterproof MP3 player to function properly. Only get this pair if you already have one. However, those with bigger heads might have some problems with fit and comfort, as the neckband is a tad bit tight.

Users also need to be careful when switching tips as the plastic retainer is surprisingly more fragile than the rest of the build. Waterproof Earbuds For Swimming.

04. Sony NWWS623/B Best Waterproof Earbuds for Swimming 2022

Best Waterproof Earbuds For Swimming 2022
(Sony NWWS623/B Waterproof Earbuds)

You can now take the music with you no matter what physical activity you are engaged in. Sony NWWS623 waterproof and dustproof (and also saltproof) headphones are here to help better your listening experience.

They are durable, have tough construction, and can be easily submerged under the water for a period of 30 minutes or less. Sony offers the users of the device 6 play modes ranging from ‘normal’ and ‘repeat’ to ‘shuffle’ and ‘playback order. (Folder-Playlist-Album)

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The quality of the sound is unquestionable – the brand has managed to earn itself a great reputation on the market of electronic devices and it shows.

Apart from uploading music soundtracks, you can also listen to audiobooks or podcasts. Or, if you are more of a radio type of athlete, feel free to connect to a media source of your choice via Bluetooth to listen to the latest news or music hits. Waterproof Earbuds For Swimming.

05. SwimBuds Premium Waterproof Earbuds for Swimming 2022

Best Waterproof Earbuds For Swimming 2022
(SwimBuds Premium Waterproof Earbuds)

There’s a lot to love about wired earbuds, and SwimBuds makes one of our favorite pairs for swimming. The premium waterproof earbuds have a sleek wrap-around headband that will keep these buds in place but won’t interfere with head gear like swim caps.

The IPX8 rating means the buds hold up in deep water and all weather conditions, while the interchangeable ear tips make it easy to find the best fit possible. Unlike the other waterproof buds, these earbuds feature a 3.5mm jack and don’t come with an integrated MP3 player.

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But this can actually be a bonus, because you won’t have to worry about the battery dying in the middle of your butterfly stroke, or whether your music files are compatible.

We’ve found the sound on these to be clear and unmuffled, with multiple protection chambers making this one of the most watertight earbuds on our list. Connected to the best waterproof MP3 player, you can attach these to your goggle strap and easily hop in the water right away. Waterproof Earbuds For Swimming.

06. JBL Endurance Dive Best Waterproof Earbuds 2022

Best Waterproof Earbuds For Swimming 2022
(JBL Endurance Dive Waterproof Earbuds)

The famous American company manufacturing audio equipment released a pair of Bluetooth wireless headphones that are designed for all swim-lovers out there and we couldn’t miss the opportunity to praise them.

JBL Endurance Dive headphones are distinguished with their 8 hours of battery life – an impressive number that allows you to swim a few days in a row without charging your device. They have a built-in MP3 player and 1 GB of memory – just enough to store hundreds of your favorite tunes in one place.

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You can easily access 200+ songs directly from your waterproof headphones, which is quite handy when you are in the middle of your swim session.

The TwistLock mechanism along with the FlexSoft technology protects your headphones from falling out and becoming uncomfortable in your ears. Make use of the touch controls that help you pause, play and control the volume of tracks with a quick touch. Waterproof Earbuds For Swimming.

07. Sony NW-WS413LM Waterproof Earbuds 2022

Best Waterproof Earbuds For Swimming 2022
(Sony NW-WS413LM Waterproof Earbuds)

Hailing from a reputable brand, the impressive Sony NW-WS413LM packs a lot of neat features in a sleek and ultra-portable package. Impressive Battery Dynamics, The Sony NW-WS413LM features 12 hours of nonstop playback, with an incredible charge rate of 3 minutes for 60 minutes of playback, or a blistering 36 minutes for a full charge.

Comfortable Fit, The Sony NWWS413LM’s flexible headband design allows for a great fit for larger-sized heads and even includes an adjustment loop if you sport a smaller noggin. Wide Compatibility With File Types.

The Sony NWWS413LM is ensured to work with iTunes-downloaded tracks and features a drag-and-drop interface for easy music loading. Featuring 4GBs of memory, you won’t be running out of songs as you paddle through your routine.

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Ambient Noise Mode, The Sony NWWS413LM features an ambient noise mode that can be activated through a button. This makes use of a microphone to listen to surrounding noise and play it back, so you can keep track of what’s happening around you.

Additional Eartips, While they include two sets of regular and swimming ear tips(7 pairs), the swimming ones feature a thin protective film that degrades the music quality significantly.

Better secure aftermarket swimming tips for a muffle-free listening experience. The Sony NW-WS413LM is specially designed to operate seamlessly in salt water! Swimming with the fish ain’t so bad after all. Although the ambient noise mode is a thoughtful addition, this can be a double-edged sword.

Using this, your music will have multiple interferences upon playback. Add the low volume even on max settings, users can have trouble hearing their music clearly. Make sure to use it only if you really need to. Waterproof Earbuds For Swimming.

08. Plantronics backbeat Waterproof Earbuds 2022

Best Waterproof Earbuds For Swimming 2022
(Plantronics backbeat Waterproof Earbuds)

This snake-resembling set of waterproof headphones by Plantronics is a true staple in any workout routine. It has got an ear loop design that fits your ears securely while you are doing 5 reps of scrunches and are on the verge of a personal fitness goal breakthrough.

The BlackBeat earbuds have Bluetooth connectivity and a hands-free voice call feature that enables you to listen to your favorite tracks and make calls from a single place with no effort.

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The IPX5/7 certification makes the headphones waterproof and dustproof, which further enhances your physical exercise routine and allows you to work out regardless of whether it is a sunny or a rainy day outside. With 7 hours of battery life, you can continue with your day without worrying about your headphones stopping to work. Waterproof Earbuds For Swimming.

09. Swimbuds MP3 Audio Player Waterproof Earbuds 2022

Best Waterproof Earbuds For Swimming 2022
(Swimbuds MP3 Audio Player Waterproof Earbuds)

Even though the design of these wireless earbuds from Swimbuds isn’t the most stylish, if you’re a hardcore swimmer, that won’t matter. With 11 earbud tips in four different styles and a grippy ear hook design, these buds are sure to stay in place for your entire swim.

The IPX8 rating means the earbuds are fully waterproof too and will stay powered on for up to seven hours of battery life. Though they’re not Bluetooth-enabled, with 8GB of memory (that’s around 2,000 songs), you’ll have more than enough space for all the music you need to keep you motivated.

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Audio is surprisingly well-balanced, with a full range of sound and detail even when you’re in the water. The playback controls are a little clunky, but the bigger buttons can actually be easier to press when you’re in the middle of an underwater workout.

These earbuds are absolutely the best fit we’ve seen though, so you won’t have to worry about your buds slipping out during a swim ever again. Waterproof Earbuds For Swimming.

10. Tayogo Waterproof Bone Conduction Headphones 2022

Best Waterproof Earbuds For Swimming 2022
(Tayogo Waterproof Bone Conduction Headphones)

The Tayogo Waterproof Bone Conduction Headphones (Tayogo) are the first of their kind on our list. Using innovative bone conduction tech, conventionality and function are brought to a whole new level.

Bone Conduction Technology, You won’t need any kind of ear tips(which might be uncomfortable for some) for the Tayogo. By directing the vibrations to your cheekbones, music is effectively transmitted without direct ear contact. Apart from this, those with hearing problems will benefit as well.

Integrated MP3 Player, As the name suggests, the Tayogo has a dedicated player that has 8GBs of memory, enjoying approximately 2000 songs worth of storage. The controls are large yet streamlined, making them accessible and easy to operate.

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The battery life is on the short side, however. With just 5 hours of continuous playback on average, it is edged out by others on the list with up to triple the amount. Great Build Quality, The Tayogo has rigid, extra-durable housing that feels premium to the touch. It is even designed to withstand 140°F, with a 5m depth limit. Hot springs galore!

Just like other non-Apple-based players, the Tayogo has a hard time with iTunes-based file formats, especially M4A. Moreover, the Bluetooth option isn’t recommended underwater. The water actually serves as an interference so the signal gets blocked out. Also, opening the charging port needs some getting used to.

It has no indent so it’s hard to open, especially with recently filed nails. This is a security feature Tayogo has done to make sure the water won’t get in the port, though. These are The 10 Best Waterproof Earbuds for Swimming in 2022.

How do we test waterproof headphones?

We’ve tested every pair of waterproof headphones in this list and in order for them to be included in this very select and specific roundup, we needed each pair of headphones to excel at a number of things.

The first thing, of course, is effective waterproofing – you need these swim-specific headphones to survive multiple dunks in the drink. But that is closely followed by audio performance, battery life, wearer security, comfort, and ease of use. An IPX7 rating should not mean poor sound quality and we made sure to check for that.

From there, we looked at Bluetooth connectivity – or alternatives to it, such as onboard storage or (anyone familiar with smartphones knows that generally, they don’t play well with water) or FM radio transmitters. Elsewhere, on-device controls, comfort, value for money, and of course decent sound quality helped us to reach our verdicts.

How to choose the best waterproof headphones for you?

The style you prefer is the first thing to consider when buying a pair of waterproof earbuds or headphones. If you like the fit and feel of regular in-ear headphones, a couple of earbuds might be your best bet. However, a pair of bone-conducting headphones will work best if you want to keep your ears free to tune into your environment.

It’s also worth thinking about how you want to access your music. If you want to keep your phone by the side of the pool, a pair of swimming headphones with a built-in FM transmitter like the Zygo Solo are your best option – regular Bluetooth earbuds just won’t cut it underwater.

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