Sentry True Wireless Earbuds That Let You Listen to Your Favorite Music!

Sentry true wireless earbuds that let You listen to your favorite music, Sentry true wireless earbuds, That Let You Listen to Your Favorite Music, These are clearly knockoffs from the Apple Airpods and as you see here they were purchased at Marshall’s for $19.99 so we can take a look at some of the specs here just check out what the box says about the actual earbuds.

It says comfortable design control buttons rechargeable battery also mentions that it has a microphone there wire-free has extra silicone air pods or ear pads sorry and then a USB charging cable that’s included in the box it also has a deluxe portable charging case so it is a wireless case charges earbuds up to four times and they charge on the go and it also says that it has a comfortable designed so economic design and fit control buttons.

Sentry True Wireless Earbuds That Keep You Awake All Night!

Sentry True Wireless Earbuds

Wireless operates the device’s rechargeable battery recharge via the included USB microphone so you can talk on the phone hands-free wire-free design USE with no wires attached.

It says extra silicone ear pads so optional silicone ear hooks and then it continues with some additional specs and when you look on the side of the box it just kind of highlights again that it’s wireless and has a carry case inline mic isolation so that I guess work in isolation so you do one earbud at a time or together then you have controls that are accessible through the actual earbuds and then they say that they are comfortable.

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So once you pull it out of the package you’ll see that the earbuds are in the packaging nestled and then you have the charging case you have the Quick start guide.

You have the ear pads and you have the charging cable that’s available. And this is just a close up it kind of really looks like the apple air pods on the bottom, of course, you have the input for the mic but yeah the style is very similar, and here is the actual charging case, and the bottom that’s where you charge it and it’s just kind of quick look all around the case this is where you insert the actual earbuds and this is when you’re in pairing mode it’s red flashes red and blue then once this paired it will flash blue

So they’re both paired at the same time and the way that you pair these Two make sure that both are on it says you have to charge both of these earbuds by placing to charge both of the earbuds by placing it inside the charging case then you turn off the Bluetooth function from your music device or phone then you take out the earbuds from the charging case after.

They’re charged press and hold the power button on the two earbuds at the same time for about three seconds until the blue and red light starts to flash and then you release you wait about eight to ten seconds for the two earbuds to connect to each other automatically if the two earbuds are not pairing quick double press on the left earbuds and wait about eight seconds for pairing then left earbuds will be flashing red and blue the right earbuds but will be flashing blue then at that point you can turn on.

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The Bluetooth functions of your mobile phone search and select BT nine seven nine waits five seconds and other earbuds will be flashing blue and ready to use with your device so that’s just a side note because I do get a lot of questions about how to pair these types of the device so once again here they are in the charging case this is not the air pads on this is just a plain old earbud sitting in the case and the red light indicates that they are actually charging.

So now we’ll take a look at them with the case closed so same thing you still see a red light and from my experience, I have seen that when the red light is off it indicates that the charging is complete from my experience so in terms of these actual earbuds being functional and useful, I’ve only had them for a few days and they have been functional and useful they do work fine so far again.

I’ve had century products before and you know you kind of get what you pay for so they work for a while and then they end up not working but in this instance perhaps these will work for longer than some of my other products I think that’s kind of the gamble that’s your take.

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When you buy things at stores like Marshalls and TJ Max something you get really good stuff something not much but so far they are working fine the sound quality is nothing close to what an apple product would produce but if you just want these for casual you say you just want to use them around the house or when you’re just kind of casually catching the earbuds or walking in the community or what have you outside of your home that’s also a good option what I like about it is they’re not very expensive so if do lose one out in public I’m not going to panic.

Sentry True Wireless Earbuds

They’re also good for me just when I’m at work I want to be hands-free and maybe have one earbud but listening to music while I’m working that’s another option so there are so many different things you can do with these types of earbuds so far good.

Sentry True Wireless Earbuds Sound Quality:

The sound quality again is just super average I would say that the charging life span that I’m getting per charge is about two hours and I think they do indicate that on the paper that you get about two hours per charge.

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So I’m seeing around those two marks myself and then I have to reinsert them into the case so again this is for a power user for a very light user who just wants to kind of stick some earbuds in for an audiobook or little bit of music here and there again.

If you want real quality sound for music I would say get some headphones but the earbuds again are just a good little alternative just to pop something in to do some quick listing to a map on Google Maps while you’re out in public I mean there are so many different things.


The Sentry True wireless earbuds review you need to know, I wouldn’t use them if you want to make phone calls when you’re running or cycling or even walking but for everything else, I think there are some really nice wireless earbuds and now they’re not new anymore so you can get them for a quite reasonable price I think I found them for nearly half the price off on online so go look for them and you might find a bargain so that’s it for today.

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