Sennheiser TV Clear Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds

If you’re struggling to hear your TV, you’ll need to check out the new Sennheiser TV Clear which offers the convenience and style of true wireless earbuds and includes a dedicated transmitter. The Sennheiser TV Clear Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds connect to any TV via Bluetooth with optical and analog inputs via the transmitter and wirelessly connects to the earphones. They can also be used to make and receive calls on your smartphone.

What makes this ideal for TV viewing is the dedicated transmitter that ensures low latency – this means what you’re hearing matches what you’re seeing on the television. Sennheiser TV Clear Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds.

Sennheiser has announced a new set of wireless earbuds, known as the Sennheiser TV Clear Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds. They’re designed for people who want to listen to and enjoy their TV using wireless headphones, but don’t buy a separate set when they’re listening to music or making calls on their phone Want. This wireless earbuds TV clear can do both, jumping back and forth with relative ease. They will sell for $400/- when released later this summer.

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Sennheiser TV Clear Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds

There are times when you want to listen to your TV’s audio in private so you don’t disturb others, or maybe you can finally hear the dialogue clearly without turning up the volume to movie theater-like levels. But as Digital Trends’ own Andy Boxall recently discovered, there aren’t a lot of great options for doing this. You know this too. Sennheiser TV Clear Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds.

TV Clear tries to solve this problem by shipping it with its own dedicated wireless transmitter. And you connect the transmitter to your TV’s audio output, creating a very low-latency wireless link with the wireless earbuds.

This solves a significant problem, which usually people run into when connecting regular Bluetooth headphones and their TV, lip-sync issues due to wireless lag.

Sennheiser TV Clear Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds

Audio Quality

Sennheiser’s TV Clear offers five speech clarity levels with up to 20dB of high-frequency amplification so that dialogue is crystal clear.

There are five levels of speech clarity, providing up to 20 decibels of high-frequency amplification, which should help with dialogue. You can also set your volume level on the earbuds independently of the television and another audio source when using them with the included transmitter. A companion app lets you adjust the touch controls, and if an earbud should get lost between the couch cushions, the Find My Wireless Earbuds feature will help you locate them.

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TV Clear can also easily maintain a simultaneous Bluetooth connection to your phone, tablet, or PC, which means you won’t need to switch headphones just to make or make calls, and while in the kitchen, a quick No need to watch YouTube videos. To help you stay connected to the outside world, you can activate a transparency mode to let sound in. Sennheiser TV Clear Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds.

Sound Quality

Sennheiser wants to fix the way you watch TV, and at least the way you listen to it — with a new product called TV Clear, it’s essentially a wireless receiver, a combination of your TV and true wireless earbuds. Connects to the pair, which you wear whenever you want better sound quality.

According to Sennheiser, audio settings and listening experience can be customized with the TV Clear companion app, and the transmitter’s low latency streaming technology keeps audio and video in sync, so there’s no delay in the audio.

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Call Quality

Sennheiser Sport TWS has better itself with the phone call. Generally, TWS is not very good with phone calls, and adds ambient noise to the call, making your voice sound like you are speaking from a crowded place.

The calling experience on the Sennheiser Sport TWS was great, even in a noisy GYM environment, calls are clear not only to me but also to people on the other side. Voice quality was also very good during Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Google Meet calls. Sennheiser TV Clear Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds.

Ear Comfort 

The earbuds weigh just 6.9 grams, so they’re comfortable to wear even for those binge-watching sessions. They’re also designed for a secure fit and come with a selection of ear tips and fins to stay in place whether you prefer to sit back or lie down while watching your favorite shows.

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Battery Life

Sennheiser claims 9 hours of battery life from the earbuds and two full charges in a total of 27 hours from the charging case. We couldn’t test the full 27 hours of battery life, however, as the earbuds lasted us over 6 hours at high volume levels.

In our run-in test, the left earbud outperformed the right earbuds by 40 minutes, and they both lasted over 7 hours at 80% volume. It’s not the fault of one earbud to run out of battery before the other, it’s normal because one earbud connects to the phone or audio source, while the other connects to it only.

Brands overcome this by swapping out the main connection when you put the earbuds back in the case. Overall, battery life is good and the Sennheiser Sport TWS will easily last through a six-day workout schedule with a single charge and charging case.

Bluetooth & Connectivity

TV Clear offers multiple device connectivity so that it can link to a TV via a transmitter and wirelessly to devices with Bluetooth, including TVs, tablets, and smartphones. But for TV viewing, the transmitter’s low latency streaming technology keeps audio and video in perfect sync to enhance your viewing experience.

Even better, the earbuds also support multi-pairing and can be paired together with a smartphone to allow you to take phone calls or listen to music.

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For those who are hard of hearing, Sennheiser says the system offers five speech clarity levels, which can provide 20 dB of high-frequency amplification to make it easier to hear what’s happening on the screen.

You can also have a volume for the earbuds and a volume for the TV so that people in the room can listen to content at a higher volume than usual without having to worry about what’s going on.

Not a new concept, but definitely improved Of course, Sennheiser can’t pretend the TV Clear is an entirely new concept – wireless TV headphones have been around for over a decade now – but the Sennheiser app offers better customization options, lower latency, multi-point pairing, and more. Promising a more approachable design. With which most people are familiar.

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Sennheiser TV Clear Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds Sennheiser Mobile App

Sennheiser Sport is a companion app to TWS – the Smart Control app that works on Apple and Android devices. The app offers firmware updates and EQ settings, along with “Focus” and “Aware” modes, which work with the adapters supplied in the box.

The wireless earbuds have capacitive touch-sensitive panels and tap to pause, play, call, etc. all working as advertised.

The Sennheiser Sport TWS do not have active noise cancellation (ANC), however, they do support the Bluetooth 5.2 codec and the SBC, AAC, and AptX codecs.

Price Range

Sennheiser TV Clear will cost $399/- when it arrives at the end of 2022. That’s a fair share of change for a souped-up pair of true wireless earbuds and wireless amplifier, especially considering that one of the best true wireless earbuds out there – the Sony WF-1000XM4 – are available for under $100/- and This Is The Sennheiser TV Clear Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds.

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