Razer Kyra Pro for PlayStation Headset Review

Razer Kyra Pro for PlayStation Headset. The Razer Cara Pro is a capable enough headset, offering tons of high-end features and some fun innovations – like the haptic feedback that allows it to stand out from the crowd. Razer Kyra Pro for PlayStation Headset Review, however, it’s by no means cheap, and retails for a higher price than many of the best wireless gaming headsets we reviewed.

That high price is largely driven by the headset’s great build quality and unusual features like the aforementioned Hypersense haptics.

Razer Kyra Pro for PlayStation Headset Review

In terms of design, the Razer Cara Pro offers an eye-catching white-on-black aesthetic to match its PS5 and PS4 compatibility. It’s worth noting, however, that the headset can also connect to a PC, so you’re not limited to using it exclusively on Sony’s flagship consoles.

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Now some lightweight RGB features are also on show. The bright Razer logo illuminates on either side of the headset when switched on which is amazing. By default, these will pulsate in a broad spectrum of colors. It’s a nice effect, but somewhat understated, and you won’t see it at all when you’re wearing a headset.

It’s a wonderfully comfortable pair of cans, thanks largely to ear cushions made from plush leatherette and cooling fabric. We also found the auto-adjusting headband to be very effective. It is padded with soft foam for another layer of comfort. All these concessions combined ensured that the headset never gets irritated during any time of playing with them.

Toggles for various features are located on the headset itself. And once you get used to their placement, it’s a breeze to reach for them to adjust settings right away. There’s a toggle switch for muting your mic, a button for entering Bluetooth pairing mode, and another for adjusting one of three haptic feedback settings.

The sliders for the volume controls are also here, but they feel a bit lost. As a result, we preferred to adjust the audio via the sliders on PC and PS5.

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As for sound quality, the Razer Cara Pro headset gets the job done. It has clear, uncluttered sound—not exactly groundbreaking, but that clearly means the headset works great with wide dynamic range options, letting you pick up both loud and quiet sounds with ease.

(Razer Kyra Pro for PlayStation Headset)

Razer Kyra Pro Design

  • excellent build quality
  • very comfortable
  • Headset buttons can be detected by touch

We have very few complaints about the design of the Razer Kyra Pro. With its high price tag, the headset boasts of great build quality and doesn’t skimp on fancy materials.

At a glance, it’s an aesthetically pleasing headset with a white-on-black finish that echoes the ideas of its target console: the PS5. Stainless steel links connect the top to the cups, which rotate freely, allowing them to better fit the sides of your head. However, they look a bit nostalgic when you’re not wearing the headset.

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The immediate advantage of the cup’s plush leatherette is that the Cara Pro scores highly on the comfort test. The headset just feels great to wear. That level of comfort lasts throughout the gaming session as well. In our tests, we didn’t feel a tingle while wearing the headset – physically, at least – nor did we feel the need to take them off to give our ears a break.

The headband is equally comfortable, sporting a soft, cushioned foam that rests lightly on the top of your head. User comfort is arguably the best thing about the Razer Cara Pro headset. And it’s one we recommend if a headset that doesn’t bother is a priority for you.

(Razer Kyra Pro for PlayStation Headset Review)

Razer Kyra Pro Features:

  • 50 hours of battery life
  • strong choice
  • Haptics are good but gimmicky

The first thing you’ll notice about the Razer Cara Pro headset when you turn it on is the RGB lighting that displays on the outside of both cups. The razor symbol softly pulsates among the full RGB spectrum, making it look spectacular. It’s a very simple effect and acts more as lighting than as an attractive selling point.

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The headset is turned on by long-pressing the power button found on the left cup. A short vibration will start from the headset’s haptics, followed by an onboard voice letting you know you’ve turned it on. The power button and other buttons are easy to locate. These include a switch to mute the mic found on the left cup, as well as a Bluetooth to 2.4GHz toggle and haptic power adjustment on the right.

The headset also features a USB-C port for charging, a 3.5mm jack for a detachable mic, and two wheels for volume control and sidetone adjustment. It has a robust set of options within easy reach. However, we found the volume sliders to be a bit finicky and flimsy.

The headset is connected wirelessly via a small, USB-C dongle, and can connect up to four devices as long as it’s within range. This means, that you won’t need to move the dongle around once it’s plugged into the source.
However, the Razer Cara Pro’s most attractive selling point is the Hypersense haptic feedback. This optional component is off by default but can be adjusted with three different power settings.

When listening to music, the Hypersense haptics does a great job of vibrating along with the beat. The headset usually catches on to drum pedal kicks and deep bass notes, making it really a lot of fun when listening to instrumental tracks.

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However, when vocals are taken into account, the feature turns sour. Haptics has a habit of kicking during singing or spoken dialogue. It definitely took us out of the immersion of a given performance or scene.

Haptics also drain battery life much quicker than switching them off. Usually, you will get an impressive 50 hours of running time on a single charge. However, with haptics enabled, this drops to around 10-11 hours. It’s still not terrible for a day’s listening, but still enough of a hit for a feature that’s a thing. After just a few hours, we preferred to turn off the Hypersense haptics in favor of longer battery life.

(Razer Kyra Pro for PlayStation Headset Review)

Razer Kyra Pro Sound Quality:

Overall, the audio quality of the Razer Cara Pro is pretty solid. Musically, the headset performs well, offering a rich and clear soundscape that highlights instrument-heavy tracks with great clarity. The vocals come through equally well.

If you’re after a wide audio profile, however, you can do worse than the Razer Cara Pro.
The performance in the game has also been equally good. The headset really takes advantage of the wide dynamic range options.

In Resident Evil 2, for example, with headphone mode and wide dynamic range enabled, we were able to significantly boost the immersion of this tense horror title.

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The Razer Cara Pro is also a great option for multiplayer gaming, as the headset picks up directional audio very effectively. For example- In PUBG Battlegrounds, you’ll be able to more accurately pinpoint the direction of distant shots and the roaring engines of oncoming UAZs.

While the audio quality is great on all sides, the headset affects majorly in one key area, mic quality. In our testing, our party’s recipients noted the smaller audio output from the Kyra Pro. While Mike performed consistently, very rarely cutting our voices abruptly, talking at a party with friends was still a sub-optimal experience.

Price and Availability

Razer Kyra Pro for PlayStation Headset, The Razer Cara Pro is now available for purchase directly from the official Razer online store for $199 / £199 / AU$345.

Razer Kyra Pro Pros & Cons


  • Clear, rich sound.
  • Incredibly comfortable.
  • Haptics works surprisingly well.


  • Costly.
  • Mic quality is poor.
  • Haptics drain battery fast.

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