pTron Earbuds Review: Are They Worth Your Time and Money?

Today we have with us the pTron earbuds review, which is a budget TWS earbud. and this article will tell you if they are worth buying.


  • Immersive sound quality
  • ENC for voice calls
  • Type C charging Port
  • Bluetooth v5.3 connectivity
  • Wireless Range 10 Meters
  • 13 MM Dynamics Driver Size
  • Total Playtime with Case Up to 30 Hours

pTron Earbuds Review: The World’s Most Comfortable Earbuds!

We will look at the earbuds and the case in a moment. Let’s see what else we get in the box. So we get the type c charging cable and you get two pairs of extra ear tips of large and small sizes. So that’s all we have in the box now let’s look at the earbuds closely. pTorn Bass earbuds

EON is a budget TWS earbud looking at the design and builds quality we have a compact design and you get the glossy finish on the case but again the quality of the case is very good and it doesn’t feel cheap at all.

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In terms of the overview we have the pTron branding in the case front and here at the bottom, we have the charging case. In terms of the battery with the case you can get up to 30 hours of playback time. Now looking in terms of the case cap, the hinge quality is good and it’s decent keeping in mind that it’s a budget tws earbuds.

pTron Earbuds Review

And yes you can open the case cap with one hand. Now about the earbuds, we get the in-ear style earbuds which are very lightweight and weigh only 3.6 grams each. The driver size is 13mm and they are also ipx4 water-resistant.

And about the design, we have the glossy finish on the earbuds as well and here we have the touch-sensitive area with the pTron branding. You get the dual mic in each earbud for ANC and that will be helpful during voice calls. So in terms of the design they are also small in size but the fit and finish of the product are very good.

These earbuds are HD AAC codec support. And that is very good. Now let me first show you get the touch controls. So a single tap on either of the earbuds will pause and play music, double tap on the right earbuds will take you to the next song and double tap on the left earbuds will take you back to the previous song.

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You can call Google Assistant or Siri by long pressing on either of the earbuds for 2-3 seconds. And here you don’t get the volume control in the earbuds, now let’s talk about the performance so guys first of all I find these compact earbuds very comfortable to use.

They are lightweight and with the correct size ear tip you get a proper snug fit. And also passive noise cancellation is very good in the case of earbuds. Now about the performance, they are bass heavy and you get a very punchy and boomy bass from these earbuds.

And even though with this extra bass you get good clarity and the vocals are clear and the instrument separation is not that bad, one thing we noticed we noticed was that vocals were getting muffled up sometimes, especially with heavy bass music.

But again keeping in mind the pricing and my experience with the budget tws earbuds, we find the output very good and we are happy with the performance. About the performance, we used the earbuds for watching videos and movies and there we didn’t find any issues and the clarity was good with no lag. We have done the lag test and as there is no gaming mode in these earbuds you will see some latency in these earbuds while playing games. But for casual gaming the performance is good.

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Now lastly about the mic performance the voice clarity is good and the dual mic output is actually very good and it doesn’t cancel the background noises while you are no call. So for voice and video calls you will not face any issues.


So overall is the pTron earbuds review, this Bass buds EON TWS earbuds offer a decent design and build quality, the sound output is good and if you like bass-heavy output then you will find the performance of these earbuds very good. The earbuds are very comfortable to use and you can easily use them for long hours.

The battery backups are also decent, and you get approx 4 hours of playback time in one single charge in one single charge. And yes with the case you can extend it up to 30 hours. And how can we forget the HD AAC codec support which was a surprise for us, especially in this price segment?

So in short if you are looking for decent performance tws earbuds for casual usage and don’t want to spend a lot then the pTron Bass Buds EON is a very good option and as usual, if you like them.

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