Noise Earbuds Mini Review In 2022


  • With Mic: Yes
  • Bluetooth version: 5
  • Wireless range: 10 m
  • Charging time: 1.5 Hours
  • Hyper Sync Technology
  • Tru Bass Technology
  • Type – C Charging Port – Upto 15 Hour of Total Playtime

Noise Earbuds Mini Review In 2022

Noise Earbuds Mini Review In 2022

Noise Earbuds mini Design

Noise Earbuds Mini Best Review, Talking about the design, the design of the Noise earbuds mini is of absolutely premium quality, when you first see the case of the noise earbuds mini, you can be surprised. Because this noise earbuds mini case looks exactly like Apple Buds.

And you will like noise earbuds mini in the first look itself. You must have seen and used earbuds from many companies but the design and quality of noise earbuds mini are different. and you can say that the noise earbuds mini look very similar to the Apple Earpods.

The noise earbuds mini case comes in a very simple design, as the name suggests, the noise earbuds mini is absolutely mini. So that it is easy to use and maintain. The design of the earbuds is given very mini and simple. Which is easy for customers to use. You won’t find premium build quality like noise earbuds mini in this price range.

Noise Earbuds mini Features


The noise earbuds with mini case weigh 30 grams and only the earbuds weigh 3.2 grams and the case weighs about 27 grams. Talk about buds mini, it is also very mini in appearance and given in great quality.

Ear Tips

Ear Tips are not given in the noise earbuds mini which is not even required in these earbuds. These buds are simple, and you can easily put them in-ear size. And enjoy the music.

Frequency Range

In the noise earbuds mini, the company has not mentioned anything about the frequency range.

Driver Size

14.1 mm has been given, which you will not see in this price range. With this, you are going to get the heights bass. Which is a good thing. You are going to get a rating of IPX 4 so that even if there are hand or water droplets on your noise earbuds mini, there is no need to worry.

Noise Cancellation

Regarding noise cancellation, in the noise earbuds mini, the company has not featured on the quick start guide, whether active noise cancellation has been given or not.

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Noise Earbuds Mini Review In 2022

noise mini Battery Life

The battery noise earbuds mini has been given 300 mAh. Which you may find a little less in your segment. If you see the second version of noise earbuds, you have been given 500 mAh in it. But in the noise earbuds mini, the battery backup might not have been taken into account in making these earbuds mini. You get 3.5 hours of playtime. According to the company, a playtime of 15 hours is given.

Case Charging Time

Charging the case will take about 2 hours. And if you want to charge the earbuds, then you can charge them in about 1.30 hours. For charging, use a 5-volt 1-ampere charger only. So that your earbuds with case remain absolutely safe.


The reason why most people’s earbuds are not able to charge properly is also that you are using a more volt charger for charging, due to which the case of earbuds does not charge properly.
If you are thinking of buying or want to buy noise earbuds mini, then you will use 5 volts 1-ampere charger only.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Bluetooth version 5.0 has been given in noise earbuds mini, and talking about the range, about 10 meters Bluetooth range is given in noise earbuds mini. Which is a standard range.

Noise buds Ear Comfortability

The fittings of the noise earbuds mini have been given very well, which is very easy for you to use. The noise earbuds mini can be easily plugged into the earbuds to listen to songs, or do any physical activity while talking noise earbuds mini won’t come out of your ear which is a good thing.

One good thing about the noise earbuds mini is that the earbuds mini does not go deep into your ear, so you do not run the risk of getting any ear-related problem with this, if we talk about other earbuds, then they fit perfectly in the ear, which is a good thing for listening to the song. But it is not good for your ears at all. You must keep this in mind.

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Noise Earbuds Mini Review In 2022

Sound Quality

The noise earbuds mini‘s sound quality is superb, and you won’t find any other earbuds, bass, and sound comparable in this price range. If you really want to buy great buds then definitely check out the noise earbuds mini once, you might like the noise earbuds mini. For the Coll quality key, you have been given 2 mics which can be a good thing. Noise Earbuds Mini-Review.

If you keep both the buds in the ear while talking on a call, then the call goes well, but if you remove one of the earbuds, then the call may not be able to talk properly, or It is possible that the sensor of one of the buds is not working properly. Check this on your own.

In The Box:
  1. Earbuds Case
  2. Quickstart Guide
  3. Noise Earbuds mini
  4. USB Charging Cabel


The noise earbuds mini are great earbuds. In this price range. If you want to enjoy great earbuds for less money then the noise earbuds mini are just for you. The sound and bass noise of the earbuds Mini are very sturdy, and the fittings of the earbuds are also great.

Which are not seen in Buds anywhere else. The battery life is a bit short but not too short to be able to deliver great performance for this price range. Noise earbuds mini are a great product from Noise. Noise Earbuds Mini-Review.

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