Noise Air Buds Plus Review In 2022


  • ‎Bluetooth Version v5.0,
  • IPX4 Water-Proof,
  • Voice Assistant/Siri,
  • Full Touch Controls,
  • Up to 20 Hours of Playtime,
  • Bluetooth Range 10m,
  • Hyper Sync,
  • One Key Reset,
  • USB Type C Charging

Noise Air Buds Plus Review In 2022

Noise Air Buds Plus Design

The design of Noise Air Buds Plus is very compact, the case of Buds Plus is made of glossy plastic material, and the case is given in a Shiny White color. The Noise Air Buds Plus design is almost identical to the Apple Airpods Pro. This is a very small case in size as the Noise Air Buds mini provided by Noise. Noise Air Buds Plus Review.

Noise branding has been given on the case, and the weight of the case is given 40 grams which are lightweight. There are seats to keep in the pocket. The USB charge port is given at the bottom of the case. A button and light have been given on the backside of the case, which is used for connectivity.

The cap of the Noise Air Buds Plus case uses a magnet so that the cap of the case can be closed and opened. These are good enough. Noise Air Buds Plus Best Review In 2021.

Noise Air Buds Plus Review In 2022


The design of the earbuds has been given great, the design of the earbuds is given similar to the apple buds pro, the earbuds are very small, and the build quality of the earbuds is made of glossy plastic. Earbuds are very light and light in weight.

Touch sensors have been given on the earbuds as well as noise branding is given on the buds. LED lights have been given on both the buds, which shows charging and connectivity.

The microphone and charging point are given at the bottom of the earbuds. The Acerbuds fully charges in 1 hour, plus the CAS can charge up to 4 times, giving a total playback time of 20 hours.

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Features of Noise Air Buds Plus

Driver Size

The driver is given 6mm, which does not produce much bass. The average sound you can hear easily but there can be some problems in high bass songs.


These Noise Air Buds Plus come with Bluetooth 5.0 version. These earbuds have a range of 10 meters.

IPX Rating:

It comes with a water resistance rating of IPX4: so you can enjoy music while doing physical work like gym, running, or yoga exercise.


To connect the Noise Air Buds Plus to the device, open the cap of the Earbuds case as well as connect to the device.

Air Fittings

The comfortability of the Noise Air Buds Plus is very good, once the buds are properly placed in the ear, it does not budge no matter how much you jump.

Noise Air Buds Plus Review In 2022


  • Black Color
  • White Color

Ear Tips

  1. Small Eartips
  2. Medium Eartips
  3. Big Eartips

Medium ear tips have been provided in Noise Air Buds Plus as well as small and big ear tips are given together, which you can use according to your air comfort.

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Noise Air Buds Plus Price

You will easily get noise earbuds in the price range of 2000/- on online shopping. And if you take it to a festival, then you can get it at a low price too.

Compatible Devices:

Android and ios


The Noise Air Buds Plus mic sound is very good, as is the sound of your wireless earbuds. You can use these Abuds according to your ability during the coll.

Battery Life:

Battery life of Noise Air Buds Plus If you listen to music at 60% volume, then you get 4 hours of playback time.
According to the reviews, even at 70-80% volume, the Noise Air Buds Plus can easily get a playback time of around 3 to 3.30.

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Noise Air Buds Plus Sound Quality:

With Noise Air Buds Plus if you like to listen to balance sound then these Ear Buds are just for you, with mid, low, and high frequencies to enjoy music in great clarity, they have a small driver size So that the bass is not getting a bit right. The sound expression and sound quality of the Noise Air Buds Plus are quite good. Their sound is great even if you watch a movie. Noise Air Buds Plus Review.

In The Box:
  1. Bluetooth Headphone,
  2. Charging Case,
  3. Charging Cable,
  4. User Manual,
  5. Warranty Registration Card


Around Rupees 2500/- you get these Noise Air Buds Plus which give tremendous sound from the noise side even more than this price range. Also, these earbuds have been given by Value for Money Noise according to their price. If you like steady music then these earbuds are just for you.

The battery life is also great according to these earbuds and the design of the case is also quite compact and light. If you are thinking of getting Earbuds then you must check out Noise Air Buds Plus. and This Is The Noise Air Buds Plus Best Review.

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