Logitech G433 Gaming Headset Best to Buy In 2023

We’re going to be receiving the new Logitech G433 Gaming Headset at $99 G433 comes in at a pretty competitive price point in the market they make some major changes for most headsets we’ll be checking out in this review.

I absolutely have it in this nice fire red color it’s also available in a black and royal blue variant to give you some color options to pick from real quick we’ll check out everything inside the boxes including it for you and right there greetings on top is the G433.

Logitech G433 Gaming Headset Desing:

The first thing that popped out to me was this new mesh texture on the headset very different than anything I’ve seen before and I kind of like it is also very lightweight I’ll spend some more time going over that in a minute inside the box of a few extra things a mobile cable with an inline microphone you get a console and PC cable with a mute button and a volume wheel the mic and headphones splitter for PC and the USB sound card for surround sound plus.

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You get the detachable microphones and that’s your set of ear pads which are below inside of mesh material in a nice carrying case you’re bringing everything back and forth with you on the go a lot of stuff.

so the first thing we’re gonna go over is the design of the headset and its features with this mesh design on the ear cups that is definitely unlike anything you’ve ever seen before that’d going to make it very versatile whether you’re keeping it you know with your gaming setup.

Logitech G433 Gaming Headset Best to Buy

If you’re taking it out on the go to use the kind of headphones this can be used with like your PC your PS4 your Xbox or your phone because I have the inline controls and stuff taking a look around the headset though it is very simple really not a lot going on the ear cups do rotate about thinking the DRis on the yoke so it fist best on your head.

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The ear cups also swivel to lay flat around your neck and I always like your design choice and headset important the only thing really in the ear cups here is the detachable microphone as you can see goes in a little 3.5 millimeters headphones jack right on the left side and on the bottom is also the port so you can plug it in to like your PC or your phone or whatever.

It turns off comfort it is very lightweight which is going to add to you have ample padding on the ear cups themselves and on top of the headband one thing I really notice is how flexible they are so lightweight you can really expend them to fit a very large head and yeah just flexible don’t like they re going to break which is definitely a good thing I did more than inside the box include an extra set of velour earpads.

I use the majority of my testing mainly because they were more comfortable and one thing I noticed with the mesh gear pads that comes stock on it is whenever I would shave it would disrupt form my beard at the side of my head it would be very loud and audible whenever I would move with these with this out mesh ear pads it wasn’t only a big fan of those.

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I would definitely recommend going with the included velour earpads now the next part of this review before we go over my overall experience and the sound quality of G433 going to be the mic test right now you are hearing.

Logitech G433 Gaming Headset Mic & Sound Quality:

The mic quality from the headset overall for $100 it’s definitely not bad but it’s not that great either like I say a lot of these headphones or headsets at this price the microphone is going to be just fine for casually talking on lines that your friends or in a group chat or something like that but obviously for voiceover I wouldn’t recommend it is just kind of average second word for the mic.

Logitech G433 Gaming Headset Best to Buy

I think that since the mic is removable that’s good if you’re going to be bringing these out with your to use as headphones you’re not going to have this microphone on you and the mic is made of this kind of bendy rubber material it keeps its shape for the most part but it does kind of bend back to its natural form but since.

it’s not that long anything it’s still going to be fine for picking up your vocal pattern and that the most important part of the review of the G433 headset is going to be the overall sound quality it’s like over the years Logitech has done a good sounding headset for a relatively good price and a hundred dollars.

It comes in right around what you’d expect for the overall performance and I had this plug into my PC 99% of the time playing you guessing it battleground l ve been booked on that game in a directional audio everything was very clear.

I can pinpoint or you know footsteps gunshots start doing like that which is a very important aspect of that game the fact of this headset handled that very well I was very happy with that would take note with that USB sound card you can also go into the Logitech software and enable like surrounding sound and have you mess with the EQ and stuff like that.

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as I always say trust me Stick to the stock stereo sound quality it’s going to be the bats because everything else is going to emulate you’re going to start to lose some of the sound quality and some of the overall volume.

so I just use this stock everything stereo and it sounds very very good but since you do have all those inline controls and give the different cables you can use this on your PC either the 3.5 millimeters cable or the USB sound card you can plug them into your Xbox one control your PS4 controller plugin into your smartphone anything like that it’s going to overall add to the use of this headset in the end since it is so versatile.

Logitech G433 Gaming Headset Best to Buy


It gives it a few extra points to wrap up my overall pros and cons. the sound quality in the Logitech G433 Gaming Headset Best to Buy is very good you get that detachable microphone which I would say is matt for the most part but it’s going to be just fine for you.

if you’re casually gaming a lot of stuff is included in the box it is lightweight and I like the overall construction implementing this mesh design but I feel like it’s kind of you know a personal preference of my end that people might like it.

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People might hate it I did note that the velour AirPods are definitely the better choice because since the mesh texture That is used isn’t soft it’s kind of rough any sort of you know content with the scruff of my beard or the side of my hair when I would move would make a loud audible noise inside the headset so stick to the lure and I mean overall 499 dollars.

it’s tough to complain about Logitech G433 Gaming Headset Best to Buy overall value here is everything you’re getting and since it’s versatile you can use it with all your consoles and PC and smartphone all that good stuff in the end for my exclusive headset review rating on the channel I’d give it like an 8 point 5 foot at $99 dollars price point.

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