Galaxy Buds 2 vs Buds PRO vs Buds LIVE vs Buds PLUS | Which is Best?

In this article, we re comparing the brand new Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 vs Buds PRO vs Buds LIVE vs Buds PLUS although all of these are among my favorite earbuds for Android users they definitely are very different and it’s easy to make the wrong decision because unlike a lot of other products more expensive does not necessarily mean better here, in fact.

it really couldn’t be further from the truth and you can look at it this way Samsung is a company that loves to make many models if we went out and interviewed 100 people who had Samsung phones I bet you would get 40 or 50 different answers when you asked what phone are they using now on the flip side of you’re asking like iPhone users.

What they’re using you might get like five to ten different phones they’re using and this is because like I said Samsung loves to hit every single price category. Still, on top of that, they like to hit a lot of different interested groups and different fits for earbuds with different sizes and other preferences.

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that’s why all these earbuds are so other so in this article, we’re going to dive into these four galaxy buds and talk about what makes them different what the features different are the microphone quality the sound quality the fit the comfort everything else you might want to know to help you decide which ones are the right ones for you and as a side note we had a lot of mid-range earbuds come out lately from the beats to the pixels buds to the JBuds like a lot of other earbuds that are really Right in this price category so I will be making a complete comparison of the best mid-range earbuds in the next couple weeks and so for anyone new here.

Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 vs Buds PRO vs Buds LIVE vs Buds PLUS | Which is Best?

How these earbuds came out although we have four models right here you might think that would be over four years or something like that no with Samsung that about a year and a half almost two years now we have four different models that came out so in early 2020 we have the Galaxy buds plus which were the sequel to the galaxy buds the regular buds from 2019 and they have the same exact shape and outside design as the galaxy buds which is great we really liked that but they improved very drastically on the microphone the sound quality the battery life and a lot of things like that now these have really long been a favorite on this website, because like u said I love that physical design of the kind of pill shap1case very compact and incredible battery life and amazing sound quality.

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That we’ll talk about later on in the article a couple of months later Samsung came out with their first active noise-canceling earbuds but to some people, this was kind of a miss these are the galaxy buds live and while they are among the most comfortable earbuds I’ve worn they also among the least secure so we’ll talk more about why these are not my favorite and why actually might be your favorite depending on what you’re looking for after that.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

we have the early 2021 Samsung galaxy buds pro these were Samsung’s next attempt at active noise canceling and they definitely hit it here with much tighter steel in your ears giving you much more passive noise blocking as well as actual good active noise canceling, this also gave amazing sound quality and then lastly we have the brand new Samsung Galaxy buds 2 which are smaller and lighter and again a very different design despite having the same case as the previous two model’s so each of these you might notice has a very different design and the different design correlates very closely to.

Galaxy BUDS 2 vs Buds PRO vs Buds LIVE vs Buds PLUS

how they fit in your ears so the first category I want to get into now is actually the fit and the comfort I kind want to split this into two different things I want to first off with the fit meaning which ones are the most secure in my ears and ranking these in order from my favorite which ones stand my ear the best to least.

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I think it might be kind of obvious here the best ones are the Samsung galaxy buds plus despite being the oldest model out of these having those wingtips on there the silicone wings tips as you see make them incredibly secure in my ears there different wing tips you can choose from and three different ear tips so you can really customize this to fit perfectly in your ear you put it in give it a gentle twist and is locked in your ear for pretty much any workout you’re doing.

Now is second place for this category it’s kind of a toss-up everybody obviously has different ear geometry and different shapes of your ears and so some people might not agree with this but for my preference, the Galaxy buds pro stays in my ears better than the galaxy buds too,

This is why I’m putting them just ahead of the galaxy buds too I know I said they were very comfortable and secure in my original review. But I found that when I’m going on longer runs they definitely tend to work their way out of my ear and then in last place unfortunately are the galaxy buds live now Samsung was trying a different design here we affectionately called them the Galaxy means but although they re very comfortable they also are very very insecure they fall out of your ears if you’re even just walking if you turn you head if you do almost anything they’ll at the very least move in your ear which really disrupts the sound quality but once you start moving around in any kind of dynamic way even just walking downstairs it’s not unlikely these things are going to fall out.

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now they have touch pads on the outside so readjusting in your ears is also very annoying as they’re falling out I feel like I kept poking them in and pausing my music accidentally so that’s how these fit in my ears but comfort is a slightly different story all of these are very comfortable in my opinion but which ones are the most comfortable, and really what we’re looking at here is if you’re sitting at a desk you’re not working out you’re not moving which ones are going to feel the best and we mentioned that the Galaxy buds live are incredibly comfortable although they’re not secure they very light they sit gently in your ear and so if you’re sitting at a desk all day and you really get ear fatigue this open design might be more comfortable for you.

In second place are definitely the galaxy buds 2 the lightest and the smallest design Samsung has made honestly this is my preference for working all day because again they’re very light and comfortable I would say in third place are the galaxy buds pro again some people don’t like these I have a lot of people dislike the fit of the pros but honestly they fit you know very comfortable in my ears so I have no complaints about those and in last place again still incredibly comfortable and I used to wear.

These all day every day the galaxy buds plus now the reason they’re in last place is that the wingtip can press a little bit on your ears and while I do think it’s very comfortable it’s slightly less comfortable than the others on here so the summary here is that galaxy buds are always very comfortable and there’s really subtle difference.

There so now let’s talk a little bit more about the battery life

  • so when you’re looking at the battery life the galaxy buds plus have an impressive 11 hours in the earbuds 22 hours when you include the case.
  • The Galaxy buds live to have 8 hours in the earbuds and 29 hours with the case.
  • The buds 2 have about 5 and a half hours in the earbuds obviously they are substantially smaller and with the case.
  • they’re getting 20 hours. The galaxy buds pro has 8 hours in the earbuds and 28 hours when you include the case now of course those numbers do change.
Galaxy BUDS 2 vs Buds PRO vs Buds LIVE vs Buds PLUS

if you have active noise cancellation on or off but in general they’re all getting a decent enough battery life you can easily get through multiple days without having to charge these, ever since we upgrade from the galaxy buds to the galaxy buds plus the microphone on the Samsung Galaxy earbuds has really been pretty phenomenal in fact they’re really been industry-leading so let’s actually get into a test now and see what the difference are between these starting indoors okay so these are the Samsung Galaxy buds plus talking indoors in a studio environment so leave a comment and let me know how these sound to you.

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The Samsung Galaxy Buds Live and while we’re at it might as well talk a little bit more about the aesthetic of these earbuds the galaxy buds live are really high gloss which I wasn’t a huge fan of but they are definitely a little bit more subtle than it looks strange in your ears because most earbuds are not shaped like this but all things considered.

I think they look kind of nice so these are the Samsung Galaxy buds pro the buds are slightly larger but they still follow that same kind of high gloss plastic aesthetic we saw on the buds live. all right now lastly these are the Samsung Galaxy buds 2, these are like I said the slightest and the smallest which is why I think aesthetic these are going to be the best now with that said I would not recommend buying the white ones they look like small cotton balls in ears and instead I would say you’re probably better off getting like the black ones and the dark green ones or just anything that’s not the white ones really.

Alright so these are the galaxy buds plus I’m on a really busy road right now on the sidewalk there are some really loud bugs and it’s really breezy. I know these are the galaxy buds live again this is probably as tough as it’s going to get that’s really loud traffic there also a guy moving his lawn right over there now these are the galaxy buds are be a good time to tell you I’m filming this on the galaxy z flip three and last but not least seats with the galaxy buds 2 so leave a comment and let me know which of these four sounded the best indoors and outdoors.

But what about the sound quality well all of the Galaxy buds have a party-similar balance meaning they lift up a lot in the low end and the high end to give you a more vibrant fun sounding pair of earbuds that is very consumer-oriented but with that being said they are definitely very different between, models so going from my most to least favorite earbuds I would say my favorite sounding ones and it should come as no surprise are the Galaxy buds pro and there a couple of reasons for more.

what I can tell is the tweeter and the woofer so the high end and the low end are a little bit more capable than the other pairs on this list right here and I would say that this gives you a little bit more clearly a little bit more instrument separations and gives you more full-bodied sound when you’re listening to music on top of that the strongest active noise cancellation and the tight seal in your ears give you nice isolation from sounds around you meaning that you can really focus on your music.

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But in second place I would say the galaxy buds 2 and while it’s really not far behind the pros it is still a pretty substantial difference that is noticeable although the galaxy buds 2 is still a very lively fun sounding pair of earbuds I don’t really have a complaint with them except like I said in my original review they were very slightly sibilant when you’re listening to cymbals and things like that and they do lack a little bit clarity and little bit instrumental separation.

I think it’s one of the things that Samsung kind of cut back on potentially to save some cost on these earbuds the galaxy buds plus are a very capable pair of earbuds the sound is very fun and very lively like the others and I think the reason they’re not in last place out of these is that Samsung took a step back when they made the Galaxy buds live mostly correlated to their fit I find that when I’m wearing the galaxy buds live if they get dialogue even slightly which remember you cloud do from walking or standing up or turning your head and this would mean that suddenly the sound becomes very distorted or you lose your bass or in one way or another you don’t have the full sound profile that you’d normally expect from these earbuds.

When comes to noise cancellation it should come as no surprise what the ranking is but I want to actually get into some testing to show you guys just how different they actually are so if you’re debating between like the twos and the pros this would be a good thing to consider now the galaxy buds pros I found that just a really simple test here I played some white noise through a speaker and I listening to at which volume.

  • I can actually start to hear that and for the pros, I couldn’t listen to it until volume 46.
  • the galaxy buds 2 I couldn’t hear it until volume 30.
  • So pretty substantial difference theSe the galaxy buds plus comes in third place because it blocked it out to volume 16.
  • just with passive noise blocking remember they don’t have ANC and then in last place the very open ear design but kind of ANC that doesn’t do anything the Galaxy buds live only blocked it to volume 8.

And last but not least the features of these earbuds are surprisingly different despite all using the galaxy wear app they each have their own little plugins and they have been getting updates over the years. They still have a pretty substantial difference in features so looking at which features are missing on some of them or added on another the galaxy buds pro has some extra features so obviously multiple levels of active noise cancellation make sense for the best ANC out of this group they also have 360 audio which is really nice to have of course they do have that voice detect which means that if you turn on and j just start speaking it’ll kind of turn down everything so I can hear my surrounding and start talking to somebody who may be a flight attendant on a plane something like that, strangely enough, they currently do not have the ability to disable single double or triple tap and also don’t have an ear fit test of those are things that you do see on the Galaxy buds 2.

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The Galaxy buds 2 have those things but of course, they don’t have that voice detection or 360 audio on top of that they do have multiple transparency levels so you can hear things around you at different levels which is nice and the only other one I believe that does that are the galaxy buds plus. I personally don’t use the earbuds test but that’s nice to have for any first-time galaxy buds user next up we have the galaxy buds live and they’re compatible with iPhone while the galaxy buds 2 and the galaxy buds pro can technology connect to an iPhone they don’t have the plugin on the app there which means that you can use any of their extensive features and you can customize them.

Now the galaxy buds live and the galaxy buds plus for that matter are able to connect to the iPhone which if you have an iPhone that a really big positive there on top of that although these have active noise cancellation it doesn’t really do anything they do have another feature in here called to relieve the pressure with the ambient sound I’m not sure exactly how you build up pressure with an open ear design it’s there if you want it now these are lacking some features that we saw on the other three models one of them is the double tap earbuds edge features we also don’t have gaming mode on here we have voice detect we don’t have multiple levels of ANC.

We don’t really have any ANC for that matter and we don’t have the ability to disable single double triple tap you can only disable all of the touch pads and then look at the galaxy buds plus again these are compatible with iPhone which is cool they do have multiple levels of transparency mode and they actually have many levels in labs they have like an extreme hearing and mode essentially but they have some other nice features.

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Here as well so much like the galaxy buds 2 and the pros, they have that double tap the earbud’s edge features but otherwise, that’s pretty much the extent of the difference with these features, for the most part, there are a lot of features that are really continuous thought all of these but I’ve tried to highlight some of the main difference that I’ve noticed so between all these earbuds obviously the price are all over the place and u didn’t even want to include them in this article because every time I’ve ever done that in the past Samsung goes and release a big sale and all of a sudden the number is completely irrelevant. If you guys want to know what the latest prices search on Google.


Galaxy BUDS 2 vs Buds PRO vs Buds LIVE vs Buds PLUS | Which is Best? If you can afford them the galaxy buds pro I think are the best pair out of these I really value active noise cancellation and sound quality which is why I personally like those earbuds the best but if you’re working out a lot the galaxy buds plus are a fantastic option.

As they’re very secure and of course, the galaxy buds 2 are really kind of a nice balance of those two you get active noise cancellation they’re also very light and very comfortable and think a lot of people would be very very happy with the price of the galaxy buds 2. Now you’ll notice I didn’t recommend the galaxy buds live I mean I’m not a big fan of them if you are again leaving a comment for which of these you like the best and why as always if you enjoyed this article.

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