Bluetooth SIG Unveils Auracast Audio

Bluetooth SIG recently announced the launch of Auracast audio broadcast technology. Auracast was previously branded as Audio Sharing and will rely on Bluetooth LE audio. Bluetooth SIG Unveils Auracast Audio.

The technology will allow users to share audio with others and connect to public media devices and places, so they can better hear what’s happening.

Bluetooth or Auracast specifications will be released in the next few months. Bluetooth SIG has announced a new specification coming for its wireless audio technology, which it hopes will bring users closer together, whether in public or private. It is called orcas. And it will take wireless audio sharing to the next level.

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Bluetooth SIG Unveils Auracast Audio

In fact, Auracast was formerly known as audio sharing and allows users to share their audio with more than one person. Auracast will take this to the next level by allowing users to broadcast audio to “an unlimited number of nearby Bluetooth audio receivers.”

This means you can easily share a presentation with a crowd of people wearing wireless earbuds or assistive hearing aids, connect to a TV in a public place, and tune into an audio source at the gym.
However, one of the best possible use-cases is to be able to receive broadcasts on public transport while listening to music, ensuring that you don’t miss an important announcement or stop.

Mark Powell, CEO of Bluetooth SIG, said in a statement – “The launch of Auracast Broadcast Audio will mark another major change in the wireless audio market.”
“The ability to transmit and share audio using Bluetooth technology will reshape personal audio, and help public spaces and spaces provide an audio experience that will improve visitor satisfaction, and increase access.”

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Peter Liu, the System Architect for Pixel Ecosystem Products at Google, says Auracast builds on the innovation of Bluetooth, suggesting that, we may eventually see this technology featured in Pixel devices.
“We are proud to work with Bluetooth SIG, and are excited to see this capability provide consumers with new, imaginative ways to connect with each other and hear their world.”

(Bluetooth SIG Unveils Auracast Audio)

Mockup of Bluetooth Auracast on Smartphone

Users will be able to view and join broadcasts similar to how they select a Wi-Fi network, with a UI showing the various private and public broadcasts nearby.

Locations will also be able to use QR codes to make it easier to join the broadcast, and “tap-to-hear” possibly NFC to make connecting easier.

Bluetooth SIG Unveils Auracast Audio
Auracast specification

Bluetooth will debut in a few months as part of LE Audio, which is available in Bluetooth 5.2. A spokesperson for Bluetooth SIG has informed Android Central that it expects consumer products to hit the market quickly, peaking at the end of the year and the holiday season.

How long can I buy Auracast devices online and in stores?

Bluetooth SIG expects Auracast devices to be available in the market before the end of 2022. However, we have heard similar promises in the past.

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When LE Audio was first announced, we were told to expect musical instruments to arrive within 12-24 months. That was in January 2020, so apparently, things didn’t go as planned. Because then it was the time of COVD-19 and today the time is different. Still, we’ve faced a pandemic since that announcement, and LE Audio certainly won’t be the only launch that was delayed by COVID-19.

SIG also said that public use of Auracast (then called Audio Sharing) would begin within 36 months. If it launches before the end of 2022, at least that timing would have been accurate.

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Bluetooth SIG Unveils Auracast Audio. The Bluetooth specifications that define Auracast broadcast audio are part of the Bluetooth LE audio specification suite and are expected to be released over the next few months. Audio product developers and venue operators can learn more about Auracast Broadcast Audio.

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