The 7 Best Wireless Earbuds Under 150 Dollars You Can Buy Right Now!

If you’re looking for the 7 best wireless earbuds under 150 dollars you can buy right now, you’ve come to the right place. True wireless earbuds are essentially earbuds with absolutely no cables connected to the device or each earbud. They all have wireless Bluetooth connections.

In general, True wireless earbuds have been exploding in the marketplace lately for a few reasons; They’re very convenient, easy to use, and hassle-free. Everyone has different needs, requirements, and budgets for their earbuds. This article aims to help you find whichever pair is best for you and your situation.

Not to forget, all of the following are highly rated between the average person and us on the market. After hours of research and testing; We confidently narrowed it down to the 7 best wireless earbuds under 150 Dollars you can buy now.

The 7 Best Wireless Earbuds Under 150$ Dollars

List of The Top 7 Best Best Wireless Earbuds Under $150 Bellow;

  1. Apple AirPods
  2. OnePlus Buds Pro
  3. Jabra Elite 75T Earbuds
  4. Samsung Galaxy Buds 2
  5. Beats Fit Pro Earbuds
  6. Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro
  7. Anker Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro Buds

The 7 Best Wireless Earbuds Under 150 Dollars You Can Buy Now

01. Apple AirPods Earbuds

Of all the earbuds I’ve tested, there’s a reason why I decided to keep these. Come to think of it; there are numerous reasons why I’m keeping the Apple AirPods. I’m not the only one who’s more than satisfied with these earbuds. They’re one of the most popular and the absolute highest rated on the entire market.

Best Wireless Earbuds Under 150 Dollars

Starting with the sound quality, to my ears, it’s perfect. The Apple AirPods provide the very best sound quality truly wireless earbuds can offer. All of the frequencies are perfectly balanced while maintaining a fair amount of separation. All the instruments are easily heard, leaving nothing out.

The bass response is full and punchy, the mids are vibrant, and the highs are just right. Even at max volumes, you won’t hear any distortion or harsh frequencies. Compared to every other true wireless pair of earbuds, I give it a 10 out of 10 for sound quality. 

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The Apple AirPods are incredibly comfortable. They feel like nothing is on once put in. Even though their incredibly light on the ears, they stay securely in them. I’ve gone on many runs with them, and they’ve never yet gotten close to falling out. You will be very satisfied with their overall comfort and ability to stay in your ears.

In terms of build quality, both the case and earbuds are robust and sturdy. The earbuds have not only survived multiple times hitting the ground, but they’ve also pulled through an accidental washer and dryer without a scratch. However, the manufacturer claims there not water-resistant. Contrary to that belief, I sweat with them at the gym all the time and have had no issues. 

Where these earbuds significantly lack is their lack of noise isolation. Once put on, outside noise does not reduce naturally at all. They also don’t offer active noise canceling, either. On a full charge, these earbuds give you 5 hours of continuous use. The wireless charging case adds an additional 24 hours.

A feature that I thoroughly enjoy is that it is auto-on/off. The moment you put the earbuds in your ear, they automatically turn on. If you take one off, they both turn off. I find this feature incredibly convenient. The wireless charging case comes in handy, as well.

With its built-in mic, phone calls are incredibly clear without any issues. Overall, the Apple AirPods are the most reliable choice of true wireless earbuds for under 150. It’s a fantastic bang for the buck, and I highly recommend it.

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Apple AirPods Wireless Earbuds Pros & Cons


  • Impressive noise cancellation for the size
  • Really great audio quality
  • Modern, functional design
  • Acceptable battery life
  • The pressure-sensitive stem is great
  • Still comes with a super portable charging case


  • Silicone tips feel like they could wear out easily
  • Still feel very iOS-focused
  • Charge via lightning cable
  • No companion app
  • Expensive

02. One Plus Buds Pro Best Wireless Earbuds Under $150

OnePlus has come a long way since its original OnePlus Buds. The OnePlus Buds Pro is the company’s most refined earbuds yet, with a sleek stemmed design that’s right on par in comfort with Apple’s AirPods Pro. There’s no denying that these are AirPod clones, but their noise cancellation is slightly even better than Apple’s, and there’s a satisfactory transparency mode to go along with it.

Best Wireless Earbuds Under 150 Dollars

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The controls are pretty much an exact copy of the AirPods Pro squeeze gestures, but OnePlus manages to best Apple at durability: these are rated IP55 for dust and water resistance. Voice call performance is also above most earbuds that cost the same $150 as the OnePlus Buds Pro.

For that price, you also get wireless charging in the case. And when it comes to calls, the OnePlus Buds Pro is among the very best performers out there with clear voice reproduction and excellent background noise cancellation so others can hear you perfectly.

One Plus Buds Pro Best Wireless Earbuds Pros & Cons


  • Strong sound with good ANC
  • Much improved look
  • Both earbuds and case are water-resistant
  • Intuitive and user-friendly controls
  • Wireless charging
  • Companion app for Android and iOS devices


  • The adaptive ANC feature could use some work
  • No EQ adjustments in-app
  • Mediocre microphone quality
  • Sound signature is not for anyone seeking accuracy
  • Ear tips could better

03. Jabra Elite 75t Earbuds

Jabra Elite 75T is the updated version of Jabra elite 65T which is significantly improved music quality, designs battery life, and reduced weight as compared with the previous model. The Jabra Elite Active wireless Bluetooth earbuds are the best wireless earbuds for under 150$. The Jabra wireless earbuds come with a built-in heart rate sensor that can be used for tracking workouts.

Best Wireless Earbuds Under 150 Dollars

This wireless earpiece offers a wireless range of up to 150 feet which means you can stay connected to your phone while moving around the room. The wireless earphones also come with a built-in microphone and volume control buttons.

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Wireless headphones are great for use in offices, homes, workout studios, or just about anywhere. These wireless headphones are different because they have an ergonomic design which is more comfortable when wearing them for long periods of time. The Jabra wireless earbuds also come with an IP57 water resistance rating which means rain or sweat will not affect the wireless earbuds.

The Jabra wireless earbuds also come with an optional charging case that can charge your wireless earphones up to three times before needing to be recharged. The wireless Bluetooth earphones also have a battery life of five hours on one charge. If you are looking for wireless workout headphones for under 150 dollars, then these Jabra wireless earbuds headphone is for you.

Jabra Elite 75t Wireless Earbuds Pros & Cons


  • Smaller more compact design.
  • IP57 water-/sweat-/dust-proof design.
  • HearThrough transparency mode. (lets ambient noise in)
  • Solid construction.
  • Better battery life: 7.5 hours of use between charges
  • Autopause/play.
  • Compatible with the Jabra+ Sound app.


  • Lack of active noise canceling.
  • No wireless charging.
  • Button actions can’t be customized. (Yet – promised feature via update)
  • AirPods Pro is slightly better for making calls.
  • The Mic quality is good, but not fantastic.
  • AAC only, no aptX.
  • Sensitive buttons.
  • Feels less sturdy than the Elite Active 65t.

04. Samsung Galaxy Buds 2

Samsung’s Galaxy Buds 2 are so good that there’s little reason to shell out more money for the Galaxy Buds Pro. They’ve got a small, discreet design that won’t stick out of your ears like other buds.

Best Wireless Earbuds Under 150 Dollars

They sit more comfortably over long stretches of time than the company’s Pro buds. And the Buds 2 produces a balanced, vibrant sound that’s quite close to the sound signature of the Pros. If there’s one downside, it’s the below-average IPX2 water resistance, which makes them less than ideal for workouts or getting caught in the rain. The Buds Pro has a more worry-free IPX7 rating.

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Available in four color options, the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 hew more closely to the newer Galaxy Buds Pro and Galaxy Buds Live, both of which have eye-catching glossy curved designs and the same compact charging case as this new model. In fact, it’s the Buds 2’s design and fit – they’re 15% smaller and 20% lighter than the Buds Plus – that make them a potentially more likable alternative to the slightly better-sounding Buds Pro.

Like the Buds Pro, the Buds 2 is equipped with active noise canceling. That means all the latest Galaxy Buds models now feature some form of active noise canceling, though it’s slight with the Buds Live, which has an open design sans ear tips. While the Buds 2 look more like shrunken versions of the Buds Pro, I found them more akin to the Buds Live in that they barely stick out of your ears and are fairly discreet.

Because they sit more flush with your ears – and have that curved design – they also pick up less wind noise.

Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Wireless Earbuds Pros & Cons


  • Improved sound
  • Adjustable ambient sound mode
  • Tiny and comfortable
  • Wireless charging


  • ANC is just okay
  • Only IPX2 rated
  • No iOS integration
  • Volume controls require sacrifices

05. Beats Fit Pro Wireless Earbuds

The long-reigning champ of fitness earbuds, the Powerbeats Pro, has finally been defeated. And fittingly, they’ve been outdone by Beats’ latest earbuds. The Beats Fit Pro trade the ear hooks of the Powerbeats for a new wingtip design that keeps them securely locked in your ears during even the most vigorous workouts.

Best Wireless Earbuds Under 150 Dollars

As a result, these earbuds have a much smaller form factor – and their carrying case is mercifully far more manageable.

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The way these earbuds magnetically latch into the case also means you don’t have to worry about one or both buds failing to charge in the case, which was a common annoyance with the Powerbeats Pro. Unlike the Powerbeats Pro, the Fit Pros include active noise cancellation. And they’re on par with the AirPods Pro in that department, so you’ll be able to exercise without distraction.

When you do want to stay alert to your surroundings, the transparency mode is also as natural-sounding and clear as on the AirPod Pros. The earbuds are rated IPX4 for water resistance. While that’s not as robust as some other fitness-focused buds, it should be sufficient to survive sweat and outdoor runs in various conditions.

The Fit Pros have easy-to-use physical button controls, and although they lack the dedicated volume rocker of the Powerbeats Pro, you’ve got the option to remap a long-press of each earbud to adjust volume instead of toggling noise cancellation.

If you’re an iPhone owner, the Fit Pros offer Apple-only features like dynamic head tracking for spatial audio, auto device switching, Find My integration, and more. For Android users, Beats has an app that will let you adjust settings and see the battery status of the earbuds and case, among other functions.

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Beats Fit Pro Wireless Earbuds Pros & Cons


  • Effective noise cancelation and great transparency mode.
  • Comfy and stable fit.
  • Excellent battery life.
  • Hands-free voice assistant control.
  • High-quality surround sound.


  • No option for wireless charging.
  • Some features are only supported on iOS.

06. Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

Okay, so maybe there’s one not-insignificant reason to get the “Pro” Galaxy Buds instead of the Galaxy Buds 2: they’re fantastic at handling voice calls. The Galaxy Buds Pro hardware includes a windshield chamber that helps prevent distortion and annoying wind noise if you’re taking a call outside.

Best Wireless Earbuds Under 150 Dollars

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And if you watch our video review of the Galaxy Buds 2, you’ll hear that it actually works quite well. Noise cancellation on the Galaxy Buds Pro is slightly better than the Buds 2, and they also include bonus tricks like 360 audio and a voice detect feature that drops the volume and activates transparency mode if you start speaking to someone nearby.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Pros & Cons


  • Strong app-based customization.
  • Comfortable design.
  • Great Bluetooth connection.
  • Ambient sound support.
  • Good sound quality.
  • IPX7 water and sweat resistance.
  • Improved mic performance.


  • Battery life is okay.
  • ANC struggles with outdoor bustle.
  • Touch controls can be finicky.
  • Some features only work with other Samsung devices.
  • No more software support on iPhones.
  • Lack of aptX will be an issue for serious listeners.
  • Earbuds’ shape can make getting a tight seal and reliable fit tricky.
  • No iOS app.

07. Anker Sound Core Liberty 2 Pro

Rightfully so, the Anker Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro true wireless earbuds are another one of the highest-rated pairs on the market.

With incredibly powerful drivers, the earbuds produce full and clear sound quality. These earbuds are very bass-heavy for those who prefer it that way. Although the bass is rocking, it doesn’t get boomy or muddy either. It has a large sound stage as well for a full sound. You will be pretty satisfied with the overall sound. With a clear sound and no distortion, I give it an 8.7 out of 10 for sound quality.

Best Wireless Earbuds Under 150 Dollars

In terms of comfort, I would say these earbuds are designed for larger ears. Other ear sizes may need to take a break from them every few hours due to fatigue. I recommend these for larger ears. Coming with the purchase are many liquid silicone ear tips for finding the perfect size, as well. 

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These earbuds have decent build quality. It’s nothing too exciting but not much to complain about either. Runners, hikers, and anyone physically active will enjoy its IPX4 sweatproof capabilities. Overall, I give it an 8.3 out of 10 for the build. These earbuds don’t provide active noise cancellation.

However, the passive noise isolation is decent. However, the CVC 8. 0 noise reduction activates during phone calls for added clarity. Overall, I give it an average rating of 7 out of 10 for its passive noise isolation. On a full charge, they give you solid 8-hour battery life. The charging case coming with the purchase adds an additional 24 hours. As a side note, they charge extremely fast. 

One of the best attributes the earbuds offer is their incredible phone call quality. With its CVC 8. 0 noise reduction technology mixed with the quad-microphones, phone calls are clear and reliable on both ends.

You’ll also appreciate its unique HearID technology, which customizes the audio EQ based on each individual. Overall, the Anker Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro is a fantastic choice of truly wireless earbuds running below $150. It’s a great bang for the buck and a reliable choice. Be sure to check out the reviews below. Best Wireless Earbuds Under $150.

Anker Sound core Liberty 2 Pro Wireless Earbuds Pros & Cons


  • Good sound
  • SBC, AAC, and aptX
  • USB-C input
  • IPX4 rating
  • HearIQ custom EQ
  • Battery life
  • Great charging case with Qi wireless compatibility


  • Very bass-heavy default sound
  • Earbuds are bulky and stick out of the ear
  • Multipoint connection is lacking
  • You can choose between volume controls or voice assistant, but not both


In this article we have told about the 7 best wireless earbuds under 150 Dollars, we hope you liked this article. After researching more than 300 wireless earbuds, we have prepared this list of the 7 best wireless earbuds under 150 Dollars included in this article so that you can be given the best of the best knowledge, that too in the shortest possible time.

All these 7 best wireless earbuds under 150 Dollars are considered the best at their respective places, for music and bass you can buy them blindly, we can say with the claim that these earbuds will not disappoint you. If you were looking for the 7 best wireless earbuds under 150 Dollars, we hope that your search is over, and now you will be able to easily buy the best wireless earbuds under 150 Dollars for yourself.

Sound Stage

If someone whispers in your left ear You’ll know to look over your left shoulder a sense that s what sound stage is it’s the ability of a pair of headphones to reproduce spatial cues in a room in other words how good a pair of headphones is at tricking your brain into thinking that there are sounds coming from a certain direction.

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This varies with headphones but in general, the larger over-ears are better at achieving this than smaller in-ears because the sound has a chance to bounce around your ear before reaching your eardrum. Earbuds pump out sound directly into your ear so there isn’t much room for the sound to move around and create the illusion of space.

Audio Quality

I don’t think that anyone would settle for buying a Bluetooth headset even a super affordable one if it didn’t deliver a good sound quality for that reason I suggest everyone that can’t test sound.

Devices in-person read extensive reviews from trusted sources and watch demonstration videos however some specifications can give you some hints about the sound quality of a certain device for example the output power measured in Watts is a great indicator of whether a speaker can deliver enough sound.

Ear Comfort

Comfort just like standard Earbuds noise-canceling Earbuds greatly benefits from a proper seal. No matter how good the ANC tech Inside the Earbuds is if the nozzles aren’t physically blocking noise out auditory masking will occur.

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It’s worth the effort to take a moment and test out the included ear tips to shake your head around a bit and take note of your comfort level. Usually one of the sizes works but on the off chance that doesn’t, you may want to invest in third-party ear tips.

Build Quality

What good are your amazingly sounding earbuds if they break in a few months? The overall durability and longevity are crucial for any investment you make. Especially for those who need earbuds for commuting, it’s important they’re able to withstand vigorous traveling conditions consistently.

Frequency Response

Frequency response is the spec that tells you the range of sound that the product is capable of producing and it’s measured in hertz. If you look at the box of any audio product this number is usually around 20 hertz to 20000 hertz with the first number representing the lowest frequency and the second representing the highest.

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This number varies depending on the product but reference humans can only hear between 20 hertz and 20000 hertz. This is why that’s the range most products aim for.

Battery Life

Battery life is an overlooked subject when speaking about over-ear earbuds. Obviously, the only earbuds that have a battery life are those which are wireless. Many earbuds on the market do not have wireless capabilities. But for those who do, more extended battery life becomes a convenient factor.

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