Belkin’s launches new wireless earbuds for kids

Belkin’s launches new wireless earbuds for kids, Belkin’s has launched the Soundform Nano Wireless Earbuds for Kids, which could be an unusual breed of wireless earbuds for kids. Belkin’s launches new wireless earbuds for kids.

Designed for children approximately seven years of age and older, the new earbuds have output limits to keep levels below 85 dB (the current US OSHA standard for job exposure), ensuring that they do not inadvertently cause hearing loss.

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Belkin’s launches new wireless earbuds for kids Best Features

Diver Size

Equipped with 6mm dynamic drivers in each earphone, the Nano prioritizes sound quality above everything else, which is unusual for headphones aimed at kids.

Battery life

In terms of battery life, total battery life of around 24 hours is promised, with only the earbuds providing up to 5 hours of non-stop playback, and an additional 19 hours of power with the charging case.

IPX5 Rating

These earbuds are also water-resistant to IPX5 standards, so you can confidently allow your kids to use them in water gun duels.

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Air tips:

In-ear headphones can be particularly irritating and uncomfortable for young children because of their small ear canals, but Belkin has addressed this issue by incorporating ear tips that are just too extra small.

Touch Controls:

In addition to dual beamforming technology with three touch-controllable EQ settings and two microphones in each earbud,

Price & Availability

The Nano will sell for $49.99 / £29.99 and will go on sale in three color options at the end of June 2022, making it the cheapest smartphone Earbuds on the market. the new Soundform Play headphones will be available for $59.99/- £49.99/- when they go on sale later this summer. Belkin’s launches new wireless earbuds for kids.

(Belkin’s launches new wireless earbuds for kids)

Can these earbuds put in the good qualities of the cool kids to Belkin?

True wireless earbuds have yet to become widely available to younger listeners, as the earbuds are so easy to lose, even for adults, very lonely young people who are more easily distracted.

Consider the way young people see the world, and the SoundForm Nano could be a huge success for kids who see their parents and older siblings using AirPods, and those looking to celebrate their birthdays. Don’t want to wear wacky colored cans received.

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Because they’re cheap enough to replace if one gets lost, they’ve got volume restrictions to reduce unintentional hearing damage, and they’ll save a parent’s conscience on those long summer car rides. Belkin’s launches new wireless earbuds for kids.

who can no longer bear the laughter produced?

In our opinion, Belkin has come up with a great solution for parents who are concerned about providing truly wireless earbuds to their kids.

In recent years, the California-based company has made a significant push into the headphone and smart speaker sectors with its SoundForm branding. Belkin is best recognized for its wide range of Apple Accessories and Chargers. Belkin’s launches new wireless earbuds for kids.

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