Apple Beats Studio Buds Review In 2022


  • The custom acoustic platform delivers powerful, balanced sound
  • Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) blocks external noise for immersive listening
  • Easily switch to Transparency mode to hear the world around you
  • Simple one-touch pairing for both Apple⁶ and Android⁷ devices
  • High-quality call performance and voice assistant interaction via dual beam-forming mics
  • IPX4-rated sweat and water-resistant wireless earbuds
  • Three soft ear tip sizes for a stable and comfortable fit while ensuring an optimal acoustic seal
  • Up to 8 hours of listening time¹ (up to 24 hours combined with a pocket-sized charging case)²
  • Activate Siri hands-free just by saying, Hey Siri
  • Industry-leading Class 1 Bluetooth for extended range and fewer dropouts
  • USB-C universal charging

Apple Beats Studio Buds Review In 2022

Apple Beats Studio Buds Review In 2022

Beats Studio Buds case Design

Apple Beats Studio Buds Full Review, The case design of Beats Studio Buds has been given very spectacularly this time. This time the case design of Beats Studio Buds has been given better than before, it has been given a very shiny and matte finishing.

Which will come easily in the pocket for easy maintenance at the time of use, along with the Beats branding and signal light (status indicator) have also been given on the case. The USB Type C port is given at the bottom of the case.

Beats Studio Buds are designed in such a way that Android and iOS users should not face any problems while charging the Beats Studio Buds Case. Beats Studio Buds users will be able to easily charge the Beats Studio Buds with their smartphone cable, galaxy cable, or even laptop cable. Beats Studio Buds Full Review.

The case is very well given by Beats Buds. Once you open the case, you are given Beats earbuds. You are not going to face any problems while opening the case because the magnet is used very well in the cap of the case. Which works wonderfully. No matter how much you shake the Beats Studio Buds case, the cap of the case won’t open.

Talking about the magnet inside the case, it is of such good quality that even if you are running and accidentally the cap of the case is left open, even then the earbuds will not come out from the case. This is a very good thing. Beats Studio Buds Full Review.

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Apple Beats Studio Buds Review In 2022

Beats Studio Buds Design

The design of the earbuds given is very spectacular, this design may not have been seen before. It is very simple to remove the Beats Buds from the case. Apple has also used magnets inside the case, and the way of keeping the earbuds in the case is also slightly different from Beats Earbuds.

The Beats logo has been given on both the buds, as well as the quality of the earbuds has been given very good. If you want to use single earbuds, then you can use them easily, there will be no problem with them.

Apple Beats Studio Buds Features

Beats Studio Buds Connection

The connections are good with the Beats Buds. To connect the Buds to the mobile, a button is given on the front side of the case. Pressing this button will connect the Beats Buds to your Android or iOS device.

noise cancellation mic

There are noise cancellation mics on the earbuds, physical buttons have been given to control the buds, and there is no touch button on it.


Version 5.2 is provided for the best connectivity. But no H1 W 1 cheep has been given.

Apple Beats Studio Buds Review In 2022

Buds Ear Fitting

The air fitting of the Beats Studio Buds is very good, when you put it in the ear, you will be able to fit the buds easily.


  1. Small Eartip
  2. Medium Eartip
  3. Big Eertip

Using Beats Studio Buds, you can do physical exercise, it will not come out of your ear.

Water Resistance

IPX4 water resistance has been given.

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  2. Samsung Galaxy Buds 2


Smart sensors are not provided in Beats Studio Buds so that when a call comes while listening to music, then first you have to pause the music and then you will be able to receive the call. If the smart sensor had been given in the Beats earbuds, then very amazing work would have been done.


ANC transparency modes are average here, Apple Airpods ANC quality is not given here. The transparency of Beats Studio Buds is superb.

Beats Buds Colours

  1. Read Colour
  2. Black Colour
  3. White Colour


  • If you use Beats Studio Buds with an iOS device then you don’t need to download the connection app (beats app). The connection system is given to you in the Beats Studio Buds itself. But if you want to connect with an Android smartphone then you have to download Beats Application.
  • Special audio support is given to you only in iOS but only for audio. Not for movies because the gyroscope is not provided in the Beats Buds, due to which the Earbuds head cannot rock. And you will not get this support in Android.
  • Multiple device connectivity is not provided in Beats Studio Buds. So that you cannot connect 2 devices simultaneously. If you want to connect another device, you must first disconnect the device.
  • Automatic device switching is not provided in Beats Studio Buds. Along with this, wireless charging is also not provided.

Beats Studio Buds are the first device that also works with Apple’s Finemay and Android’s Fineman.

Apple Beats Studio Buds Sound Quality

The music quality of Beats Buds has always been very good, Sound and Bass are very well delivered with these Buds, and Vocals are very clear. The sound system of the overall Beats Studio Buds is given loud and amazing by Beats (Apple).

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Apple Beats Studio Buds Review In 2022

Battery Life:

5 hours with ANC mode in Beats Studio Buds. And when the ANC is off, then the battery life of 8 hours is that of the earbuds. And 16-hour Beats EarBuds Case battery is provided. Earbuds with Case Battery Charging Sport of 24 Hours and Case Battery Life 14 Hour Charging Sport in ANC Mode.

Beats Studio Buds Price

Talking about the price of Beats earbuds, you can buy these Apple Beats Earbuds online for $149/-.

In The Box
  1. Beats Studio Buds
  2. USB-C to USB-C charging cable
  3. Eartips with three size options – S/M/L (medium pre-installed)
  4. Quick Start Guide
  5. ‘b’ logo sticker
  6. Warranty card


Apple Beats Studio Buds are a good product, but here Beats Studio Buds don’t have a lot of features that are not good in this price range like sensors, wireless charging sport, call voice clarity, switching, H1 chip, and fast Connectivity. You can check out Apple Eardrops or Samsung Buds2 earbuds in this price range. Beats Studio Buds are also a great product. If you want to buy it, you can. And This Is Beats Studio Buds Review.

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