Axil GS Extreme Earbuds Review 2022

HIGHLIGHTS: Axil GS Extreme Earbuds Review 2022

  • 6X Hearing Enhancement for Normal Hearing to Moderate Hearing Loss.
  • Autoblocker Hearing Protection.
  • Shuts Out Sounds at 85 dB or Louder.
  • 29 dB NRR with Foam Tips.
  • 22 dB NRR with Silicone Tips.
  • 6.5 Premium Dynamic Speaker.
  • 0 Hz-40,000 Hz Sound Spectrum.
  • Rechargeable Lithium Battery on Lanyard.
  • 12 Hours Hearing Enhancement and Protection Run Time.
  • 120 Hours Standby Time.
  • Patented In-Ear Design for all Day Comfort and Performance.
  • ABS.
  • Medical Grade.
  • Non-Allergenic Acrylic Shells.
  • Control Stick for Volume.
  • Bluetooth Capable.

Axil GS Extreme Earbuds Review 2022

Axil GS Extreme Earbuds Review 2022, A little while back, I had the opportunity to test out some of AXIL’s electronic ear protection. The particular model I was able to review was the ultra-lightweight, ultra-low-profile, hearing-aid battery-powered GS Digital 1 earplugs. While I still enjoy and use these earplugs to this day for all the qualities I mentioned in the review, I think I have a new favorite pair of low-profile ear protection that isn’t a pair of earmuffs.

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While out at a TFB event in Southeast Texas, the TFB crew and I had a chance to test out the AXIL GS Extreme Ear Buds. Many of you were put off by the price and lack of a rechargeable battery for the GS Digital 1 earplugs and I think the GS Extreme Earbuds will offer you everything you were after with the GS Digital 1’s but with a slightly larger package and with more features. Axil GS Extreme Earbuds.

Axil GS Extreme Earbuds Review 2022 | Axil GS Extreme Earbuds

DesignThese tactical Bluetooth earbuds block out the damaging sounds and combine hearing enhancement and studio-quality audio earbuds all in one. These allow you to hear normal sounds while blocking out damaging loud sounds at the time time. Ideal for outdoor activities of all types; fitness, cycling, hiking, stadium events, tactical, auto racing, shooting, hunting, industrial, construction, motorcycling, and more.

  1. SportFit Ear Hooks to Stay in Your Ear No Matter What
  2. Rechargeable lithium battery on a lanyard
  3. 12 hours hearing enhancement & protection run time
  4. 120 hours standby time
  5. ABS, Medical Grade, Non-Allergenic Acrylic Shells
  6. Control sticks for Bluetooth and hearing & protection volume

Axil GS Extreme Earbuds Key Features, Specification


GS Extreme is a 3 in 1 product with 5.0 Bluetooth audio for studio-quality audio, noise isolation, and electronic earbuds. You can switch between hearing enhancement & protection mode to Bluetooth audio mode or use both at the same time with independent volume controls to tune to your environment.

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This product is made from medical-grade, non-allergenic acrylic shells with 12 hours of hearing enhancement and protection run time. Shuts out sounds at 85 dB or louder. SportFit ear hooks that stay in your ear no matter what and control sticks for Bluetooth and hearing & protection volume.


Ear bubs, foam, and silicone tips are all reusable and washable. The earbuds should be carefully cleaned with a small alcohol wipe, do not run directly underwater. Protective tips are made with Medical, Non-Allergenic, Ultra Soft EVA material.


AXIL operates with a clear vision that innovation is the heart of its business. With the fast-paced product and technology expansion, AXIL has led the way in providing the best product designs and advancements to the sporting goods industry.

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Say goodbye to bulky earmuffs and hello to GS Extreme—the first earbuds ever to combine hearing protection, hearing enhancement, and studio-quality Bluetooth earbuds…all in one sleek and comfortable product made from medical-grade components.

The Ultimate Tactical Advantage
  • Enhances Your Hearing Up to 6x
  • Provides Maximum Hearing Protection
  • Safeguards You From Sudden Loud Sounds
  • 5.0 Bluetooth
  • Enhances & Protects Your Hearing.

Foam Tips can be used for maximum hearing protection. Silicone Tips will allow you to hear more sound. Foam Tips provide 29 dB NRR and Silicone Tips provide 22 dB NRR. Secure Your Ultimate Tactical Advantage.

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  • 6.5 premium dynamic speaker
  • 0 Hz-40,000 Hz sound spectrum
  • 22 dB NRR with Silicone Tips
  • 29 dB NRR with Foam Tips
  • 5.0 Bluetooth Audio for Studio Quality Audio & Hands-Free Communication.

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Axil GS Extreme Earbuds Review, In short, I think the advantages that the AXIL Digital Earbuds offer far outweigh any advantages you see with the AXIL GS Digital 1 earplugs. While the earplugs win in terms of weight and size, the GS Extreme earbuds give you better retention, better active noise cancellation features, Bluetooth audio features, and most importantly, a rechargeable battery that lasts.

If you’d like to learn more about the GS Extreme earbuds or the rest of AXIL’s lineup of hearing protection, you can visit to view a list of their entire lineup and take place in their online hearing test to gauge your level of hearing damage (if any). Axil GS Extreme Earbuds Review 2022.

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