AirPods Max vs Master and Dynamic MW75

AirPods Max vs Master and Dynamic MW75. Master & Dynamic’s MW75 are high-quality headphones that offer ANC features that compete directly with Apple’s AirPods Max. We’re here to explain how premium personal audio accessories compare.

AirPods Max vs Master and Dynamic MW75 People have always considered Apple’s AirPods range as the premium option in the wireless earphone marketplace. The introduction of AirPods Max further cemented the position of the range, with it becoming the most expensive personal audio accessory sold by Apple.

Apple is up against several competitors in the premium headphone market, and one just launched a new offering. Master & Dynamic, which offers high-end headphones using premium materials, and boasts of excellent audio quality, has added the MW75 to its range.

The MW75 Active Noise-Canceling Wireless Headphones offer many of the same features that the AirPods Max offer, complete with an elegant design. All for a price that’s not too far off what Apple charges for its hardware.

AirPods Max vs Master and Dynamic MW75


Crafted from aluminum and stainless steel, the AirPods Max has minimal aesthetics. While the ear pads are cloth, the use of a magnetic attachment system means that they can be easily removed for cleaning or replaced by other pads.

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It uses a stainless steel headband with rubber surrounds and a canopy on top to help hold it in place and maintain the overall strength of the AirPods Max.

The MW75 exudes class with its construction, which consists of earcups consisting of a main anodized aluminum section and a tempered glass disc. The headband is a single bar wrapped in lambskin leather, which makes it both premium-looking and comfortable.

Like the AirPods Max, the earcups used in the MW75 are replaceable, with memory foam pads wrapped in lambskin leather.
Master & Dynamic has placed a custom 40mm beryllium-coated driver inside the earcup, which is used for the company’s elaborate signature sound. It has been described as providing “warm lows and rich highs”.

The AirPods Max uses a dual-neodymium ring magnet motor to reduce the total harmonic distortion of the sound it plays, that magnet is in an Apple-designed dynamic driver with a wide frequency range.

Both headphones have a plethora of microphones at their disposal, with Apple using a total of nine, compared to eight for the MW75.

The AirPods Max uses eight of the nine for ANC, and two of those mics perform double-duty with the remaining one for voice pickup.
The MW75 splits the mics evenly, so four are for ANC, and the other four with auxiliary beamforming for sound.


Working primarily via wireless, both headphones connect to a host device using Bluetooth. Apple opts for Bluetooth 5.0 and goes for master and dynamic Bluetooth 5.1, but either is more than enough for audio.

For AirPods Max, wireless connectivity is enhanced by deeper integration with Apple’s operating system. You get features such as a one-tap setup, seamless switching between devices, and the utility of Siri.

You don’t get this with the MW75. Instead, you’ll have to deal with the typical Bluetooth headphone style of setup and control with your iPhone and iPad.

The MW75 has app support, which can enable firmware updates, allows selecting EQ presets, and customize various settings.
On the physical connection side, both have ports for connecting a cable: Lightning for the AirPods Max, and USB-C for the MW75. The connection is used to recharge the headphones and provide a wired connection to the audio source.

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The AirPods Max will require a $35 Aux-to-Lightning cable to make that connection, but a Lightning to USB-C cable is included in the box, which may also work if the port is available. Master & Dynamic.

A USB-C to USB-C charging cable and a USB-C to USB-A adapter can deal with wired audio. There’s also the option of using a similar USB-C to 3.5mm adapter for older analog connections, including the MW75 3.5mm to the quarter-inch adapter and two-prong airliner adapter.

ANC and Processing:

Each of the headphones offers some form of active noise cancellation, a mode that helps block out noise from the outside environment, so the listener can enjoy their music.

Using the H1 headphone chip, the AirPods Max offers ANC with its Transparency mode, which filters out external audio so that something is clear to hear. Apple also includes spatial audio support with an adaptive EQ system and dynamic head tracking.

The H1 also powers Siri for questions and controls music playback.
The MW75 has an adaptive ANC, described as a system that “automatically adjusts the level of noise cancellation to match your surroundings.” There are also two other ANC modes, All Day Use and “Max.”

Along with an adaptive version of ANC, there are also two ambient listening modes, allowing users to hear ambient sounds in the environment, and limiting audio to sounds only. A mobile app is available to handle the EQ presets and adjust the controls.

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The MW75’s Bluetooth supports a variety of codecs, including AAC, SBC, and Qualcomm aptX. The AirPods Max supports AAC, but there is also support for lossless audio over a physical connection, although Apple admits that it is not “completely lossless”.

Battery and Charging:

AirPods Max offers users up to 20 hours of listening time on a single charge with ANC or Transparency Mode enabled. This 20-hour figure is also extended for movie playback with spatial audio enabled and talk time.

According to M&D, the MW75 can last up to 28 hours with ANC enabled, although it can be extended up to 32 hours when ANC is turned off. To get power back to the headphones, the MW75 recharges using USB-C and can regain 50% of its charge in 40 minutes. It can also charge 100 percent in 100 minutes. These are really wonderful.

Apple says the AirPods Max can manage up to 1.5 hours of listening time from just five minutes of charging. In theory, after five minutes of charging the MW75, it should regain about 1.75 hours of playback time.

While the MW75’s charging rate is slightly higher than that of the AirPods Max, it’s still indicating, that you can get a fair amount of listening time from any set of headphones after being connected to power for a short period of time.

Other Features:

AirPods Max has a wealth of sensors that power many of its smart functions. The list includes things like gyroscopes and accelerometers for spatial audio, but there are others. Optical sensors can detect whether the earcup is on the user’s ear, while position sensors can tell how the headphones are worn. AirPods Max can enable features like the automatic pause of music when removed.

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The AirPods Max also has a case-detect sensor that, as the name suggests, detects whether they are placed inside an accompanying smart case. When stored in a smart case, the AirPods Max can enter an ultra-low power state to save energy.
While the Master and Dynamic didn’t include as many sensors as Apple did, its MW75 does have the ability to work if they’re being worn.

Two pairs of capable headphones

We are definitely in the premium region of $549/- (check discounted prices) for AirPods Max and $599/- for Master and Dynamic MW75.

This is a situation where you expect high-quality audio and supreme build quality just because of the price.

Both headsets certainly offer great features and build but do so in completely different ways. While Apple goes for something that suits its general aesthetic, the MW75 goes down the more traditionally premium route of leather and glass and has a unique appearance.

The Master and Dynamic win on battery life by a very healthy margin, and it matches up with Apple’s various ANC features.

Apple continues to lead the way when it comes to interacting with its own ecosystem.
While the $50/- cost difference isn’t that high considering this price bracket, it’s still something that could sway users in Apple’s favor.

The Master and Dynamic MW75 are great headphones that can stand toe to toe with the AirPods Max. For anyone looking to have premium headphones but a little less Apple-clinical in appearance, the MW75 is a good choice.

Where to Buy Master & Dynamic MW75

The Master and Dynamic MW75 will be available to order from the official website on June 28. This is a Small composition of AirPods Max vs Master and Dynamic MW75


When comparing the AirPods Max and the Master and Dynamic MW75 headphones, it is evident that both models offer exceptional audio quality and premium features.

The AirPods Max, designed by Apple, excels in terms of seamless integration with Apple devices and the convenience of their wireless functionality. They provide a sleek and modern design, active noise cancellation, and an impressive spatial audio experience. Additionally, the AirPods Max boasts an advanced H1 chip, which ensures a stable and efficient wireless connection.

On the other hand, the Master and Dynamic MW75 offer a more classic and sophisticated design, combined with excellent sound reproduction. These headphones deliver rich and accurate audio, making them an excellent choice for audiophiles who prioritize a balanced sound signature. The MW75 also offers active noise cancellation and comfortable ear cups for extended listening sessions.

Ultimately, the choice between the AirPods Max and the Master and Dynamic MW75 depends on individual preferences and priorities. If seamless integration with Apple devices and a modern design are important factors, the AirPods Max would be a compelling option.

However, if audio performance and a timeless aesthetic are the main considerations, the Master and Dynamic MW75 would be a strong contender. Both headphones offer a premium listening experience, and it’s advisable to test them personally or consider specific preferences before making a final decision.

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